Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Things have been crazy for me in the past couple of months. Unfortunately, I have had alot I have had to deal with in my personal life and the blog and giveaways had to take a backseat. I am so sorry to all the winners. However, I have gotten most of the things that had to be dealt with in my personal life and can get back to the fun blog and the giveaways.

Midsummer Eve Giveaway winner TeamWolf1988 your books are on the way...I am added two older books No Love Lost by Eleanor Woods and Haunted Spouse by Heather Allison

Anja Kasup I don't know if you sent me your email address but I do need it for the gift card. Please email me at in subject line put in Hogwarts Challenge.

Kari, Andrea, and Tenia your items have to be sent to me and then sent to you. They will not let me send them to you directly so it will take some time. I will be in contact with each of you.

Every time I do a giveaway, contest, or challenge I learn so much. My lesson this time around. Have all prizes boxed up and ready to go ahead of time. So the Hogwarts Reading Challenge is coming back but instead of September it will start January !st most of the rules will be the same but the mini challenges will be different. And yes, I will have the prizes on hand already (which is why it is not starting until Jan 1st).

Once again sorry everyone...and thank you for participating and joining my blog