Friday, December 18, 2020

Menuet de bonheur Coloring Book - A Merry Furry Christmas

 I named this page Menuet de bonhuer 'A Merry Furry Christmas'. This is a Christmas scene. I'm not sure what all the animals are so I made my best guesses. I'm pretty sure I colored a ferret or a weasel as a rat but oh well... 

My goal for this page was to achieve a decent looking glowing fire in the fireplace. I think I achieved that goal. It can be better but it better that how I would've colored a fire 2 years ago. I wish I would have went darker with the rest of the room so that the fire really stands out but overall I'm really happy with the finished result.

Lastly, I used my CraZArt pencils for this. This was not a good pencil choice. This paper was not liking them at all. I made it work but I feel like I could have made it look better had I used Prismacolor pencils. I continued with the CraZArt's because I wanted to show those of you who may only have CraZArt, Crayola, or some other bargain brand pencils what can be achieved if you you take the time. 

Below are progress pictures and a link to video over on my Youtube channel Koloraroo