Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Heroines Bookshelf Reading Challenge

The Heroines Bookshelf Reading Challenge

Challenge Requirements:

1. Challenge will start Saturday, January 1, 2011 and will end Saturday, December 31, 2011.
2. You can read anywhere from 1 to 5 books for the challenge and of course, you are more than welcome to surpass that number.
3. You can choose books from the specific chapters of the book and/or the literary sisters mentioned in the book. Rereads don't count towards this challenge. The point of this challenge is to explore new books and new heroines.
4. Create your own post to let all your readers know you’re taking part in the challenge. Make sure to link back to this page using the Mr. Linky.
5. Have fun and share reviews of the books as you complete them!

Challenged Completed

I am going to read one book for this challenge - The Color Purple 1/18/2011

*click here or the challenge name to sign up

Alex Cross Reading Challenge

Here are the guidelines...

1. Choose how many books you'd like to read from the series. You can read the entire series or however many you'd like. It's up to you! You can change your mind any time throughout the year.
2. All books need to be read between September 1, 2010 and August 31, 2011. Books read prior to September 1st don't count for this challenge.
3. If you want to participate, just post about it on your blog with a link back to here. Make sure you list the books you need to read.
4. Audio and Ebooks are acceptable. You can also use these books for other challenges.
5. Please use Mr. Linky below to sign up. Use the link to your post about this challenge, not your main blog address. Links that don't go directly to your challenge post will be deleted.
6. Once you complete the challenge, please post the link to your wrap-up blog post with Mr. Linky (I will put up a Mr. Linky for completed lists.)
7. There will also be a Mr. Linky for reviews, although posting your reviews are not a requirement.
8. You can take the button above and post it on your blog.

These are the books in the series that have already been published...

1 Along Came a Spider
2 Kiss the Girls
3 Jack & Jill
4 Cat and Mouse
5 Pop! Goes the Weasel
6 Roses Are Red
7 Violets Are Blue
8 Four Blind Mice
9 The Big Bad Wolf
10 London Bridges
11 Mary, Mary
12 Cross
13 Double Cross
14 Cross Country
15 Alex Cross's TRIAL
16 I, Alex Cross

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Very Cougar Christmas by Lex Valentine

ebook from Pink Petal Books

This is a great, sexy, steamy short story. Living side by side these two neighbors have only exchanged the usual pleasantries. Each have had thoughts about the other and each have never acted on thoughts, that is, until a package arrives for ­­­Nikki , When she doesn’t answer the UPS deliveryman knocks on Vincent door instead giving the package to him. More than a little annoyed, Vincent slips on some flip flops and begin to knock on Nikki’s door. From the moment his knuckles rap the door the story get interesting and does not disappoint from that point on.

Friday, December 24, 2010

I Spy Reading Challenge

I Spy Reading Challenge
Duration: One year from the date you start the challenge
*The challenge post says only non 3 non paranormal's allowed but for this challenge post can read anything

I love challenges where we have to go on a little scavenger hunt through our TBR to find books that fit.

This one is a TITLE search challenge--it's not based on finding pictures on the cover, but finding words in the title of the book. But instead of giving you specific words to search for, we're going to do categories. I've listed a bunch of examples, but you're not limited to those--use your imagination and find words that fit the categories.

The duration of this challenge will be one year from your start date. So whenever you decide to start, you will have one year to complete it. Please post your dates with your list. You may use anthologies & rereads, and while most should be along the paranormal/fantasy theme, I won't smack you upside the head if you throw one or two non-paranormals in there. :)

Also, if you are having a hard time with a category, you many use the series name if it is printed on the cover of the book. Everyone can do that for up to 3 categories. In the TITLE of a book, find a word that fits the below categories: ***items below in italics are just suggestions from me, use them or come up with new ones, I just wanted to give examples and I got carried away. :)

1. Color don't forget the good ones like crimson & indigo
2. Number one, two, three, as well as once, twice, first, second
3. Things That Grow flower, tree, rose, orchid, garden, lily, forest, seed, thorn, ivy
4. 4 Seasons spring, summer, fall, autumn, winter
5. First Name Dick, Tom, Harry, Harriet
6. Places city, state, country, land, town, empire, kingdom, world OR the proper name of a city, state or country (NY, London)
7. Body Part heart, eye, hand, bone, skin, mind, foot
8. Weapon knife, sword, arrow, dart, poison, blade, razor
9. Body of Water sea, ocean, river, lake, pond, bayou
10. Form of Water ice, fog, rain, snow, water, mist -
11. Product of Fire heat, smoke, fire, burn, flames, light, ash, blaze -
12. Heavenly Body sun, moon, star
13. Architecture castle, house, tower, bridge, gate
14. 5 Senses sight, sound, touch, scent, taste
15. Royal Title king, queen, princess, duke
16. Family Member brother, daughter, mother
17. 4 Elements fire, earth, air/wind, water
18. Time of Day morning, noon, night, evening, midnight, twilight, dusk, dawn
19. Metal gold, silver, bronze, iron, steel
20. Emotion/Feeling love, hate, pride, passion, desire, fear, envy
21. Animal/Insect dog, cat, wolf, tiger, bird, spider, fox, crow, goose, snake
22. Something to Read book, tale, story
23. Gender Identifier boy, girl, man, woman, wife, husband, lady
24. Paranormal Being vampire, demon, angel, succubus, ghost, zombie, devil, unicorn, dragon

Here's my list
1. Color:
2. Number:
3. Things That Grow:
4. 4 Seasons:
5. First Name:
6. Places OR Proper Name: Living Dead in Dallas
7. Body Part: Face the Fire
8. Weapon: Dark Lover/Black Dagger Brotherhood
9. Body of Water:
10. Form of Water: Ice Cold by Tess Gerritsen 05/13/2011
11. Product of Fire: Wild Fire by Christine Feehan 04/14/2011
12. Heavenly Body: Moon Called
13. Architecture: Glass Houses
14. 5 Senses: Touch the Dark
15. Royal Title:
16. Family Member:
17. 4 Elements: Dance Upon the Air
18. Time of Day: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer 02/06/2011
19. Metal:
20. Emotion/Feeling: Guilty Pleasures
21. Animal/Insect:
22. Something to Read:
23. Gender Identifier: Dead Girls' Dance
24. Paranormal Being: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

What's In A Name 4

What's in a Name 4

Welcome to the fourth What's in a Name Challenge! This challenge was originated by a young blogger named Annie, who hosted it for two years. When she decided to give up on being the host, I took over the challenge.

I credit this challenge with being one of the prime reasons for my becoming a blogger, so I am thrilled to be its new host.

Here's How It Works

Between January 1 and December 31, 2011, read one book in each of the following categories:

  1. A book with a number in the title: First to Die, Seven Up, Thirteen Reasons Why
  2. A book with jewelry or a gem in the title: Diamond Ruby, Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Opal Deception
  3. A book with a size in the title: Wide Sargasso Sea, Small Wars, Little Bee
  4. A book with travel or movement in the title: Dead Witch Walking, Crawling with Zombies, Time Traveler's Wife
  5. A book with evil in the title: Bad Marie, Fallen, Wicked Lovely
  6. A book with a life stage in the title: No Country for Old Men, Brideshead Revisited, Bog Child

The book titles are just suggestions, you can read whatever book you want to fit the category.

Other Things to Know:

  • Books may be any form (audio, print, e-book).
  • Books may overlap other challenges.
  • Books may not overlap categories; you need a different book for each category.
  • Creativity for matching the categories is not only allowed but encouraged.
  • You do not have to make a list of books before hand.
  • You do not have to read through the categories in any particular order.

On January 1, there will be 7 posts, each with a Mr. Linky (one for each category and one for your wrap-up post), on this blog so you'll have a place post links to your reviews (bloggers) or leave comments (non-bloggers) as you finish up each category.

Here's my list:

  1. A book with a number in the title: Fifth Born
  2. A book with jewelry or a gem in the title: Ring of Fire
  3. A book with a size in the title: Little Ghetto Girl
  4. A book with travel or movement in the title: Nowhere to Run
  5. A book with evil in the title: Divine Evil
  6. A book with a life stage in the title: Baby Mama Drama

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Off The Shelf Challenge

Off The Shelf Challenge

Are your books multiplying like rabbits before you even get a chance to read them? Trying to keep up with them, but can't stop buying new ones?
Maybe this challenge is for you. I know what it's like. There are so many titles and so many beautiful books out there sometimes it's hard to keep that TBR shelf under control, but if you really want to try why not challenge yourself?

The challenge begins on the 1st of January and ends on the 31st of December 2011

Note: This challenge is to read those books you own copies of, but have never got around to reading. If you don't have many that you own, but have a massive TBR shelf you're welcome to read those ones as long as you don't add new ones. You don't need to actually get rid of your books after you've read them, This is just to read them.

How to Participate

1)Decide which challenge level you'll be doing (further below) - do not include books that you buy from the start of this challenge.
2)Grab the code for the badge and post it on a side bar or in a signature (if you want to participate, but aren't blogging, on a social network or forum - Submission for Non Bloggers).
Create your own post to let all your readers know you’re taking part in the challenge and at what level (if you're really proficient you can list your books!). Make sure to link back to here.
Use the link form below here into the challenge by sharing your challenge post URL and your name (either your name, blog name, or both).Please don't use the comment form to participate, only to comment on the challenge or something else..
Submit your reviews (if you choose to review them, but that is optional) on the review page.
When you’ve completed your challenge let us know on the completion post. If you're using a tag or category I recommend sharing the link back to that so everyone can find them

Challenge Levels

Tempted – Choose 5 books to read
Trying – Choose 15 books to read
Making A Dint – Choose 30 books to read
On A Roll – Choose 50 books to read
Flying Off – Choose 75 books to read

For extra hard challenges

Hoarder – Choose 76-125 books to read
Buried – Choose 126-200 books to read

***I am doing Tempted - 5 books

1. Dead Until Dark
2. Daddy Unknown
3. Every Woman Fantasy
4. Fifth Born
5. Heaven and Earth

Foodies Reading Challenge

One thing we all have in common is the need to eat food. Some of us also have a strong need/desire to read about food. I’m one of them, are you? Such people are known as Foodies – people who love to talk, read, watch food tv, or anything else with a food theme.
If that description fits you, I invite you to join me in the Foodie’s Reading Challenge for 2011. Together we’ll explore the world of good food writing. That may take the form of a cookbook or a biography or even a novel centered around food. (See the definition for a food book in the right sidebar.)
Here’s how it works:
1. Decide how many food books you want to read in 2011 and choose your level of reading. Keep in mind this is a challenge – a thrown-down. Go a bit beyond what you think you can really do.
Nibbler: 1 to 3 books
Bon Vivant: 4 to 6 books
Epicurean: 7 to 9 books
Gourmet: 10 to 12
Glutton: More than 12
2. Grab the challenge button and write a post on your blog so we can spread the word. No blog? That’s okay. Sign up in the comments section.
3. As you read each book for the challenge, come back here and tell us about it. On January 1st pages will be provide so you can post links for your reviews. Non-bloggers will use the comment section.

You don’t need a pre-selected list of books.
Crossing over with other challenges is fine.
Any book format is allowed (print, audio, ebook)
To encourage you to return and talk about what you read, there will be a prize at the end of each quarter. will be used to select from all the books you talk about. Each book read will be one more chance to win.
by books:

Clue Board Game Challenge

Clue Board Game Challenge

One of the most famous detective board games is Clue/Cluedo made by Parker Brothers. This challenge will be based around the characters, weapons and rooms from the original game. The challenge will run for a year, until Oct 1, 2011. Books may only be used once for this challenge, so you'll be reading 17 to 22 books to complete the challenge.

Clue Characters: Read a book where someone on the cover is wearing the same color clothes as the clue character. (ie a red dress, a green suit, etc. Outfit on cover does not have to be specifically a dress or suit, as long as the person on the cover is prodominately dressed in the color.)

Read one book for each person.
Miss Scarlet (a red piece)
Colonel Mustard (a yellow piece)
Mrs. White (a white piece)
Mr. Green (a green piece)
Mrs. Peacock (a blue piece)
Professor Plum (a purple piece)

Weapons: Read a book where either one of the following weapons is pictured on the cover, specifically named in the title, or was used to murder someone in the book. Read one book for each weapon.
Revolver (any revolver or pistol)
Lead Pipe

Rooms: Read a book with one the following rooms pictured on the cover, specifically named in the title, or featured prominately in the plot. The room doesn't have to be the main place the story takes place but if the characters just walk through the room once it isn't enough to count. If an entire scene takes place in the room, then it's enough to qualify. Choose 5 of the 10. (Some will be harder, so you don't have to find them all unless you want to.)
Dining Room
Billard Room
Cellar/Stairs (where the envelope with the solution was kept)

BONUS #1: Read a book based on the actual game Clue. Example:
BONUS #2: Play the board game with family and/or friends.
BONUS #3: Watch the movie CLUE starring Tim Curry, Eileen Brennan, Lesley Ann Warren, Michael McKean, Christopher Lloyd, Madeline Kahn, and Martin Mull.
NOTE: The books read for this challenge do not have to all be mysteries. It's your choice.

My books:
Miss Scarlet (a red piece): In Sheep's Clothing

Mrs. White (a white piece0: Payback With Ya Life

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

James Patterson Reading Challenge II

James Patterson Reading Challenge II

Level 1 - Read 2 books...just trying them out
Level 2 - Read 5 books...a loyal fan
Level 3 - Read 10+ books...obsessed with James Patterson

Here are the guidelines...
1. Choose one of the levels above. You do not need to make a list of what you will read now or, if you want, you can. However, nothing is written in stone and the books you list can be changed at any time. Overlapping books with other challenges is allowed.
2. Although you can change books throughout the year, you cannot change your level of participation. So, choose one level and that's what you must stick with for the year.
3. As long as it's written by James Patterson, you can use the book in this challenge. Even if you are part of my upcoming Alex Cross challenge, you can overlap books and count them as part of this challenge.
3. All books need to be read between September 1, 2010 and August 31, 2011. Books read prior to September 1st don't count for this challenge.
4. If you want to participate, just post about it on your blog with a link back to Socrate's Book Reviews.
3. Audio and Ebooks are acceptable.
4. Please use Mr. Linky below to sign up. Use the link to your post about this challenge, not your main blog address. Links that don't go directly to your challenge post will be deleted.
5. Once you complete the challenge, please post the link to your wrap-up blog post with Mr. Linky.
6. There will also be a Mr. Linky for reviews, although posting your reviews are not a requirement.
7. You can take the button above and post it on your blog.

I'm doing level 2 - 5 books

  1. You've Been Warned 12/23/2010 6cds 6 hrs 56 mins
  2. Hide & Seek
  3. Judge & Jury
  4. Cat & Mouse
  5. Honeymoon

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Hookup by Lex Valentine

Christmas Hookup by Lex Valentine
3.5 stars

This is a very short story about a woman who goes back home for the holidays and a class reunion. She stumbles upon a male model who also grew up in the same town. Sparks fly immediately. Neither wanting to let the opportunity pass they hop in their cars for a Christmas hookup.

The story was heated with a twist I wasn't expecting. I really liked it.
Challenges: 2010 Holiday Challenge, RoRBC w11(shelfari group)

2010 Holiday Challenge

2010 Holiday Challenge hosted by Bookwormy Girl

It's that time of year again! And this year, starting a little earlier than last. Starting November 15, 2010 (it's a Monday!) the Holiday Reading Challenge will commence. That's right! she's starting earlier this year in order for you guys to have more chances at winning at the end of every week. She's still considering what the winners will get. She is thinking it doesn't all have to be about books (well, it does!), but she is also thinking Christmas book marks, tote bags, mugs with hot chocolate, tea, etc. Of course, she may have to throw in books as well.

Challenge Requirements:
1- Challenge will start Monday, November 15 and will end Friday, December 31.
2- You can read anywhere from 1 to 5 books for the challenge and, of course, if you're like me, you are more than welcome to surpass that number.
3- And now, here's the clincher... they must be holiday related books. That's right, the holiday doesn't really matter, but it would be more "jolly" if your choices were Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.
4- The size of the book does not matter, nor does the genre. It is also okay for the book to overlap with other challenges. The only thing she ask is that they are not children's books. YA is okay. And so are re-reads.
5- To sign up - leave a link back to your challenge post. There will also be a post for review links as well as one for challenge wrap-ups.
6- And.... there will be goodies. That's right, we'll call them presents. At the end of every week that the challenge is running she will choose one winner from the review links. Meaning the more books you read, review and link up, the more chances you have at winning a "present".

If you'd like to sign up for the 2010 Holiday Reading Challenge, please link up your challenge post with the list of books you plan to read (this list is not set in stone and can be changed as you please):

My list ( I have no set book list other than the one christmas theme book I own)
Christmas Hookup by Lex Valentine (ebook) 12/07/10
A Very Cougar Christmas by Lex Valentine (ebook) 12/27/10

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2011 Where Are You Reading?

2011 Where Are You Reading? hosted by Book Journey

This Challenge starts January 1, 2011 – December 31st 2011. The Challenge consists of reading at least one book that covers each of the 50 states of America and you can add as many other countries as you like.

So how do you decide what state a book is categorized under?
1. In a fiction read it would be the State or Country that the book spends the most time in. (Ie. If your main character is from Wisconsin but the book is all about his/her time in college in California – the books should categorize under California….)

2. Non fiction reads categorize in whatever State or Country it is about (Ie…. a book about fly fishing in Colorado is a Colorado point, and a book about women in Afghanistan is an Afghanistan point.

How to get started
Set up a map under Google Maps. It is easy to do! Every time you read a book in 2011, upload a cover picture to Picasa Web Albums (there may be other sites to use, feel free to use what works best for you).

Do you have to have a blog to participate? No. You can do everything on the map above without linking the book to a review.

Do I have to have my post up by January 1st, 2011? No, but I would think you would want to get started right away at the beginning of the year. However, you will be able to sign up throughout January as well.

How will people see my map? There are a couple of possibilities. On your original challenge post you should have a link to your map. You could also put it on your side bar to draw interest to it.

Once you are ready and have your map set up please create a blog post (those who have blogs) using the Challenge picture of the map as well as link to Book Journey post so others may join in. Then link that post to her Mr Linky so she as well as other participants know that you are participating and we can pop in throughout the year to check out your map and how we are all doing.

This is actually a fun and easy challenge as all books you read qualify and it will be fun to see where you generally read books from as well as searching out books to fill in areas that you need.

For those who have covered the 50 states by the end of 2011, they will go into a drawing for a $50 gift card to Barnes and Noble or to Amazon. ** All other areas beyond the 50 states are bonus points and we will have a drawing using for those who read 10 or more books throughout 2011 in that category.

My list will be listed below and here is the link to my map

Monday, December 6, 2010

Men In Uniform

Men in Uniform Reading Challenge
hosted by The Book Vixen

Runs January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011(books read prior to 1/1/11 do not count towards the challenge). You can join at anytime – Sign up on The Book Vixen’s blog.

The goal is to read as many novels that involve men in inform as you’d like. It can be a policeman, firefighter, paramedic, Army, Navy, Marine Corp., etc. – As long as the leading man wears some sort of uniform, it counts. See the different levels below and pick the one that works best for you. Nothing is set in stone; you can change levels at any time during the challenge.

Books can be any format (bound, eBook, audio).

Re-reads and crossovers from other reading challenges are fine.

You can list your books in advance or list them as you read them. It is not required that you review the books you read for this challenge but feel free to do so.

Post this reading challenge on your blog so you can keep a list of the books you’ve read for this challenge. Please include a link back to this post so readers can join the challenge too.

You do not have to be a book blogger to participate. You can keep tabs on books you’ve read for this challenge on Goodreads or LibraryThing if you’d like (maybe make a shelf for “Men in Uniform Reading Challenge”). If you are not on either of those sites then you can list the books you read for this challenge in the comments on her wrap-up post, which will be up at the end of 2011.

Sergeant – Read 1–5 men in uniform novels
Lieutenant – Read 6–10 men in uniform novels
Captain – Read 11–15 men in uniform novels
Chief – Read 16+ men in uniform novels

Monday, November 29, 2010

YA of the 80s and 90s Reading Challenge 2011

YA of the 80s and 90s Reading Challenge 2011 hosted by The Book Vixen

Runs January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011 (books read prior to 1/1/11 do not count). You can join at anytime. You can sign up on The Book Vixen’s blog.

Read as many YA books that were originally published in the 80s and 90s as your heart desires. The only requirement is that the book(s) have to have been first published sometime between 1980 – 1999.

Books can be any format (bound, eBook, audio).

Re-reads and crossovers from other reading challenges are fine.

You can list your books in advance or list them as you read them. It is not required that you review the books you read for this challenge but feel free to do so.

Post this reading challenge on your blog so you can keep a list of the books you’ve read for this challenge. Please include a link back to this post so readers can join the challenge too.

You do not have to be a book blogger to participate. You can keep tabs on books you’ve read for this challenge on Goodreads or LibraryThing if you’d like (maybe make a shelf for “YA of the 80s and 90s Reading Challenge”). If you are not on either of those sites then you can list the books you read for this challenge in the comments on my wrap-up post, which will be up at the end of 2011.

You can go to The Book Vixen blog for a links to booklists.

I think I only have a couple of books that fits this but I'm thinking about re-reading Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High

My books: (coming soon)
The Baby-sitters Club #2: Claudia and the Phantom Caller
Baby-sitters Little Sister #9: Karen's Sleepover

Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge 2011

Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge 2011 This challenge is being hosted by The Book Vixen. here are the details: Runs January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011 (books read prior to 1/1/11 do not count towards the challenge). You can join at anytime. You can sign up on The Book Vixen’s blog. The goal is to outdo yourself by reading more books in 2011 than you did in 2010. See the different levels below and pick the one that works best for you. Nothing is set in stone; you can change levels at any time during the challenge.

Books can be any format (bound, eBook, audio). Re-reads and crossovers from other reading challenges are fine. You can list your books in advance or list them as you read them. It is not required that you review the books you read for this challenge but feel free to do so. Post this reading challenge on your blog so you can keep a list of the books you’ve read for this challenge. Please include a link back to this post so readers can join the challenge too.

You do not have to be a book blogger to participate. You can keep tabs on books you’ve read for this challenge on Goodreads or LibraryThing if you’d like (maybe make a shelf for “Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge”). If you are not on either of those sites then you can list the books you read for this challenge in the comments on my wrap-up post, which will be up at the end of 2011.

Levels: Getting my heart rate up – Read 1–5 more books

Out of breath – Read 6–10 more books

Breaking a sweat – Read 11–15 more books

I’m on fire! – Read 16+ more books My book count this year was horrible. I am going to shoot for the I'm on fire! level.

My booklist:

Possession in Death

Black Hills


Fearless Fourteen

Baby Momma Drama

The Hood Life

The Quirky Brown Reading Challenge 2011

The Quirky Brown Reading Challenge 2011

I saw this challenge on BrownGirl BookSpeak. I found it an interesting challenge. So here are the details from the blog:

"the Quirky Brown Reading Challenge. This challenge is more than about finishing a certain number of books, but about challenging the overly subscribed to depictions of the so-called “Black experience”. I hope participants also discover some of our lesser known contributions to American literature.

Details:This will not be a numbers heavy challenge as there will be a book selected to be read by challenge participants for a discussion around the halfway point (i.e. summer). Those who join the challenge before January 1, 2011 will be able to vote. The poll is in the sidebar. This challenge will run from January 1, 2011 until December 31, 2011. I'm supplying a list of authors and titles here but, these are merely suggestions. The only requirement is that they are Black authors depicting an offbeat Black experience. Feel free to leave recs in the comments of this post and I'll add them to the list."


I: 2 books II: 3 books III: 4 books IV: 5+ books

I am going to commit to level I - 2 books
Hunting in Harlem by Mat Johnson
Coffee Will Make You Blalck by April Sinclair

Monday, October 25, 2010

Okra Picks Reading Challenge

Four different levels:
1-3 Books: Goober
4-6 Books: Tater
7-9 Books: Peach
10-13 Books: Okra
The Okra Picks Challenge will run from October 1, 2010 through March 31, 2011. To join this challenge, all you have to do is pick your level of participation (you can always go up levels, but not down.) Then after you read any of the books, write a review to share your thoughts with others!

I'm doing level 1: Goober 1 - 3 books
Zora and Me by Victoria Bond and T.R. Simon
I Still Dream About You by Fannie Flagg (maybe)

Thug Matrimony by Wahida Clark

Thug Matrimony
by Wahida Clark
4 stars

Angel, Jaz, Tasha, and Kyra are four girlfriends pulling themselves out of the ghetto--and trying to bring their hearts up to higher ground with them. Now Angel has started her own law practice and a new life with Kaylin, a drug dealer who's stepped out of the game to run a recycling business and hot new record label. But when an unwanted guest crashes their wedding, all the rage and bloodlust from the hood comes bustin' out--and Angel's gonna need every prayer in heaven to make it to the altar alive...
synopsis from flipkart

This is the third book in the series. I read this book first. This story has it all. Wedding drama, ex boyfriend who use to be a pimp drama, Mexican mafia drama, will man man wake up out of this coma drama, my past is coming back to beat me in the ass drama with heaping handfuls of jealousy, violence, and sex. The characters came to life and Kaylin well...damn need I mention the tied up scene in book two! It's another winner in the series people.

Urban Street Hip Hop Fiction

Urban Street Hip Hop Fiction

Whatever you chose to call it. It is the genre that stirs controversy. At the end of the day, however, it is the readers who matter and us readers say with love the genre. Here is what I have to say about it.

In this genre the reader is taken on a pretty realistic ride of how some women really react to men in this lifestyle. There are so many uncertainties that comes along with dating a man in the "life". Will he go to jail? Will he get shot? Will the police show up at the door wanting to search your home? Will a rival target you as a way to get back at him? Then you have all the regular worries that many women have about their men but amplified because the type of life he's living. Men in the "life" are always out and about. If he's making money than you can bet there are going to be females sniffing around so if being faithful. These types of men can put you on an emotional rollercoster.

I called this types of books hood fairy tales though. I'm sorry but most thugs are not making the kind of paper the men in these books are making. The men in these books always do and say the right things. The men in these books always packing the goods between their legs and know how to turn their women out. Well a man with a good package is not a guarantee for good sex. And I think every woman who has slept with more than one man can tell you that not every man can satisfy let alone throw it down.

So these are fairy tales for woman who like men who's rough around the edges but gentle and sweet when he deals with her. Disney has their Cinderella and Snow White waiting for Prince Charming but us little girls who up in the hood wanted that dude who all the other females wanted. He was the one who always had on the freshest gear. The dope ride. The body that made the panties wet just from looking at him. Besides, who does like the bad boy? The guy you know is no damn good for you and that just makes you want him more. You want to be the one to tame the beast. But ladies remember it's all a fairy tale, you can't tame him until he's ready to be tame.

Every Thug Needs A Lady by Wahida Clark

Every Thug Needs A Lady
By Wahida Clark
4 stars 10/24/2010

Sexy, beautiful Roz has escaped from the hard streets and is on her way to a professional career in physical therapy. She doesn't need to make a U-turn back to the ghetto. But then she meets Trae, who's still after the bling bling and fast money of drugs. He's hard, hot, irresistible--and trouble. Soon Roz is wild for a brother whose world is filled with dark schemes and deadly desire. But blinded by her passion, she can't see the heartbreak ahead where the 'hood has a law of its own--and its own brand of revenge...

synopsis from flipkart

This is the second novel in the Thug series. It hits you with a shocker of a story right at the beginning (page 13) when Roz reveals her past to her friends. The novel focuses mostly of the relationship between Roz (Tash) and Trae. The side couple is the budding romance between Angel and Kaylin. I have not read the first book in the series yet so I can tell you that you can read this series out of order as I have already read the third book. This book does not disappoint as a sequel.

When I was looking for the synopsis I came across some good reviews a couple stood out. One did not understand the reason why Roz was being called Tash. I not Wahida so I can't say why she did it but I can say that I had a boyfriend who called me by my middle name. He said that he did not want to call me by a name that every one else used so maybe that is the same type of thinking Wahida had in mind for Trae's character as well.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Desperate Hoodwives by De'nesha Diamond & Meesha Mink

Desperate Hoodwives

by De'nesha Diamond and Meesha Mink

4 stars 10/16/2010

In the first book of a drama-drenched new series, four unforgettablewomen will do anything to escape the hood.

From their front stoops at Bentley Manor, longtime residents Miz Osceolaand Miz Cleo have seen just about everything and know all too well thatthere's no happily-ever-after in the projects. There's only the desperateneed to get out by any means possible.

Aisha has what every other ghetto girl envies: a loving man whosupplies her with all the fashion, money, and accessories that scream"hood success." Now that her husband's in jail, Aisha may have to putsomething more precious than her designer gear up for sale in order tomaintain her image. The cost may be too high even for her expensive tastes.

Devani knows she's found her way out of the hood when she sleepswith Tyrik, a star pro athlete. When Tyrik's calls get further and furtherapart, Devani's mother suggests the perfect scheme: become his baby momma.Will Devani's plans force her man to commit, or backfire with the worstof consequences?

Molly is so in love with her husband, Junior, that she doesn't care if she's the only white girl in the hood. Blinded by her love, Mollylets everyone walk all over her. But Junior may cross the line, forcing Molly to give back all the abuse she's taken.

Lexi has five children - and four broke baby daddies. Now she ismarried to Luther, Mr. Right in every way but in the bedroom. Determinedto finally provide a good man for her kids, Lexi must struggle to fighther cravings for sex with her ex. Will she stay faithful to her husbandor give in to a passion that may very well prove deadly?

Great book. The story flowed well. There was lots of drama, violence, and of course sex. The sex in this one was mighty good too. The characters were well formed and not only could you picture them, you felt as if you knew them. Like Shameless Hoodwives (which is actually the second novel in the series) the ending has a surprising twist. All I can say is Whoa! This is a MUST read for all you urban/street lit lovers.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jewels of the Sun by Nora Roberts

Jewels of the Sun by Nora Roberts
3 stars

Here the back cover:
Determined to re-evaluate her life, Jude Murray flees America to take refuge in Faerie Hill Cottage, where she immerses herself in the study of Irish folklore--and discovers hope for the future in the magic of the past...

Finally back home in Ireland after years of traveling, Aidan Gallagher possesses an uncommon understanding of his country's haunting myths. Although he's devoted to managing the family pub, a hint of wildness still glints in his stormy eyes--and in Jude, he sees a woman who can both soothe his heart and stir his blood. And he begins to share the legends of the land with her--while they create a passionate history of their own...

This is the first book in the trilogy. I read these in order though the posts are out of order. I liked the story overall. It did time me some time to get through this though. Jude, main female character, and Aidan, the main male character, resisted falling in love every freaking step of the way. I know that there has to be some conflict with coming to terms with falling in love with someone you weren't even looking for but it became a situation where I was like "Oh my god...get on with it already!" In the end the story was a good one but this was not my favorite of the series Tears of the Moon took that spot. It had the conflict but not so much resistance that it made it a chore to read.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Heart of the Sea by Nora Roberts

Heart of the Sea by Nora Roberts
3 stars read 08/18/2010

This is the last book in the trilogy. It is now Darcy Gallagher time to get matched up. Now anyone who read the second book knew that Trevor Magee, the guy who wanted to build the theater attached to the family pub, was going to be Darcy match. And what a match they are. She is so materalistic and consumed with beauty and attention. He has all the money that she could ever want but likes to have order and logic prevail. As we have learned throughout this series both parties will try to resist the spark but that old Irish magic is too strong to resist. Lady Gwen and Prince Carrick are almost reunited if just these last two stubborn souls would just get out of their heads and into their hearts.

From the back:

Darcy Gallagher possesses the voice of an angel, the looks of a temptress, and the temper of a hellcat. She has always believed she was fated to find fame and fortune and assumed it would come in the form of a rich man who would someday appear and sweep her off her feet. And when handsome developer Trevor Magee comes to Ardmore to build a theater that will tie in with the Gallaghers' pub, Darcy thinks she may have finally found her man.

Trevor can't deny his attraction to Darcy, but he is determined to keep things on an emotionally uncomplicated level. Besides, he has business with Darcy as well, as he intends to sign her to a recording contract that will bring her the wealth and lifestyle she desires. But Trevor underestimates the determination of the otherwordly Prince Carrick and Lady Gwendolyn, who are desperate to make their final love match. The more Trevor tries to keep his distance from Darcy (emotional distance, that is, since physically they can't resist one another) the closer he seems to get to her. Still, it will take a life-changing event and the near loss of all that Trevor values before he can realize just how deep his attachment to Darcy runs

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Knit Two by Kate Jacobs

Knit Two by Kate Jacobs
3 stars
Here's the back:
The sequel to the beloved #1 New York Timesbestseller, The Friday Night Knitting Club. At the Manhattan knitting store founded by Georgia Walker, the members of the Friday Night Knitting Club-including Georgia's daughter Dakota, now a college freshman-continue to rely on each other for help, even as they struggle with new challenges: for Catherine, finding love after divorce; for Darwin, the hope for a family; for Lucie, being both a single mom and a caregiver for her elderly mother; and for seventy something Anita, a proposal of marriage from her sweetheart, Marty, that provokes the objections of her grown children. As the club's projects-an afghan, baby booties, a wedding coat-are pieced together, so is their understanding of the patterns underlying the stresses and joys of being a mother, wife, daughter, and friend. Because it isn't the difficulty of the garment that makes you a great knitter: it's the care and attention you bring to the craft-as well as how you adapt to surprises.
This was a good book. I listed to this as an audiobook. The story was well paced and engaging. The characters were relatable. I wanted to hear about what was going on with these ladies and their lives. Each character has her own seperate story but you don't get confused. They are all linked through the yarn shop and its owner who has died 5 years previous. The one character that did bother me was Lucie, she has a daughter but decided not to tell the child father that he has a child. How selfish is that? Her actions cheats the father but most importantly it cheats the child.

Shameless Hoodwives by Meesha Mink and De'neisha Diamond

Shameless Hoodwives
by Meesha Mink and De'neisha Diamond
finished reading July 2010
There isn't much I can say without giving away the story. If you are looking for a drama filled book than this is right up your alley. The book follows 4 women each with different issues they are facing.
Here's the back over:
Hearts break, lives shatter, and liars prevail at Bentley Manor, where everyone sins shamelessly.
In the second novel from the authors of Desperate Hoodwives, four women will try to escape Bentley Manor — a place no one has ever left unscathed...

• Keisha married the high school basketball star, but now Smokey's addicted to crack. Unable to feed her children, Keisha feels that she's not only hit bottom but has taken her children with her. When Smokey's brother offers to help, will it come at the ultimate price?

• Takiah abruptly fled her pimp husband with her baby. Desperate to start over, she finds a hiding place. Living with Grandma Cleo means returning to church — but Takiah's salvation is the last thing on the pastor's mind...

• Princess is lucky to have found a ride-or-die friend in Lucky, who helps protect her from her mom's abusive ways. With a voice to rival Mary J. and Whitney, at just seventeen Princess holds a ticket out. But when Lucky is gone, will she have the courage to follow her dreams?

• Woo Woo has escaped the projects with her suburban husband — the type of man every woman wants. But she can't resist sneaking back to Bentley Manor for steamy sexcapades with her drug dealer boyfriend. It's not only WooWoo who has a secret...

I read this book out of order so I have to go back with that said though, it was easy to follow so you won't get lost. I'm going to let you all read this story on your own. But I will say this, Woo Woo secret was a shocker. I didn't see it coming and actually said "Oh ish!" out loud when I came to it.

*This is a urban/street novel. If you do not like reading very graphic sex scenes, drugs, and violence this is not the book for you.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Harry Potter Week

Over at Reading with Tequila there will be Harry Potter week. From September 22nd to the 29th there will be posts from different bloggers writing about why they love or hate certain characters.
I think you all know that I love the Harry Potter world so I will definitely check back to read these posts. I have also submitted my request for a post about Lord Voldemort. Is it love or hate? Hopefully I will be able to write the post and y'all shall find out. So stay tune for updates.
Also for those of you who are students in my Hogwarts Challenge I am working on a special nini challenge in November since that is the month the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Haollows comes out.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Reading Mini Challenge

Hogwarts Reading Challenge

Summer Reading Mini Challenge

Time Frame July 23rd to August 29th

So what do you have to do?

It is simple read at least 3 books from any Summer Reading List. Include the link(s) to the Summer Reading List(s) you chose to get your books from.

10 points for each book read and an extra 30 for completing the challenge.

Now here is where the big points come out.

You will receive an extra 15 points for every book over the minimum 3 books for the challenge. So if you read 4 books you will receive 30 points for the 3, 30 points for completing the challenge, and and extra 15 points for your 4th book.

But wait there's more! (LOL, I love that in the infomericals) This may seem a bit complicated so listen up students. All of you Harry Potter fans no that there are books mention in the Harry Potter book and movie series. If you click this link it will take you to all, if not most, of the books listed in the series. If you can relate the books that you read to the books on the list you will receive an extra 25 points. How do you relate the books? One word from the book title on the Hogwarts book list has to match a word from the title of the book you are reading.

So this is how you points will look:

option 1 - I read the 3 to complete the challenge
--10 (per book) x 3 = 30 + 30 (completing the challenge) = 60

option 2 - I read the 3 plus extra but NOT linked to the Hogwarts list
--10 (per book) x 3 = 30 + 30 (completing the challenge) = 60 + 30 ( two additional books) = 90

option 3 - I read the 3 plus extra plus they ARE linked to the Hogwarts list
--10 (per book) x 3 = 30 + 30 (completing the challenge) = 60 + 30 ( two additional books) = 90 + 50 (for relating it to the Hogwarts book list) = 140

option 4 - I read the 3 and a couple ARE linked to the Hogwarts list--10 (per book) x 3 = 30 + 30 (completing the challenge) = 60 + 50 (two relate to the list) = 110

And by linked I mean relate not actually making a hyperlink to the Hogwarts list. Just tell me your book title and the title of the book on the Hogwarts list.

And as always you get one point for having the book listed under a class

****on another note points from June and July will be posted in August

Friday, June 18, 2010

Bitch by Deja King

Bitch by Deja King
3.5 stars
196 pages

From bank of the book:
Precious Cummings came from nothing but was determined to have it all. Using her most deadly weapons - undeniable beauty, body and street savvy brains, Precious sets out to change the cards that sheƂ’d been dealt. After meeting Nico Carter, a man who can help her achieve her goals, virtually overnight she is on her way. Precious quickly transforms from Project Chick to Hood Queen and is determined to hold on to her position even if it means crossing the man who made it possible. Set on revenge, Precious gambles it all in her quest to gain everything. Just when she believes the dice have rolled in her favor, Precious has to answer for the web of deceit that she has set in motion.

My Thoughts
This story flows well. Precious is cold-blooded and outright selfish. Unfortunately the personality of Precious is a familiar one. She goes along with the status quo and with her looks she is able to "pull" the higher level thugs. She thinks with her ego and those decision come back to haunt her. The book is entertaining. The characters are believable. The ending was not a surprise. If I did not know that there was a sequel the ending would not have been very satisfying. If you like urban lit then you will enjoy this book. Happy Reading

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mailbox Monday

Mailbox Monday

Venom by Joan Brady

I know that it is Tuesday but yesterday was a holiday here in the States so the post office was close. To my surprise today I received an uncorrected proof copy of Venom by Joan Brady. Here's the synopsis for the back:

Recently released from prison, David Marion didn’t expect to find a hitman at his door. Warned that a powerful secret organisation is after him, David goes underground and off the radar–waiting for the perfect moment to wreak revenge.

Physicist Helen Freyl has just accepted a job offer from a giant pharmaceutical company who are close to finding a cure for radiation poisoning. But when the mysteriously sudden death of a colleague is followed by another, Helen begins to doubt her employers’ motives and realises that her own life is in danger, too.

Venom brings David and Helen together as they fight for their lives against a backdrop of industrial espionage, corporate greed and human tragedy in this exhilarating and fast-paced follow-up to Joan Brady’s bestselling Bleedout.

I got this book from Book Chick City thanks so much. This book was sent out because I am taking part in the Thriller and Suspense Reading Challenge 2010.
Also that you to publisher Simon & Schuster UK. It is always great when publishers are willing to participate in giveaways/prizes.

The Aftermath by Anna J

The Aftermath by Anna J

3 1/2 stars

From back of book:
Jasmine and James have been on rocky ground ever since gorgeous, supersexy Monica joined them for a threesome that quickly got out of hand. Monica isn't the kind of woman to give up on what she wants, and before long she's pulling them all into a web of secrets, lies, and wild, dangerous lust...

Monica from My Woman His Wife is back to show you why even the mere thought of a mge a trios with your spouse and an outsider should never enter your imagination.
It's been three months since the Cinque household has been turned upside down by a sexual tryst gone terribly wrong. Although Jasmine and James are making moves to put their broken home and broken hearts back together, past lies and a lack of trust make it almost impossible to salvage what once was sacred. It's even harder when with a conniving woman like Monica throwing salt in the wounds from the sidelines because she still hasn't gotten what she wants.
Old family secrets are revealed and half truths are exposed as marriage vows are put to the test, painful memories are relived, and revenge is at the top of everyone's list. Drama, betrayal, and lust are all found on the pages of Aftermath -- when once just isn't enough.

My Review

I enjoyed this book. The characters struggled with the decisions that they made and the consequences of those decisions. Even after everything that happen in the first book the characters still was not 100% honest with each other. To start over and start fresh you must be willing to put everything on the table. As the saying goes, what is done in the dark eventually finds its way to the light.

This is not a stand alone book. It would be advisable to read the first book My Woman, His Wife first to truly understand what went down. I would rate the book as 3 stars if read before the fist one. It is entertaining but the first book is more sexually charged.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hogwarts Reading Challenge Mini Challenge

Hogwarts Reading Challenge

Mini Challenge

Prefect Badge (Perfect)

Time frame is one month April 14th to May 15t

So what do you have to do?

There are two ways to when this badge.

*First way: read at least 3 books with the word Perfect in the title.


*Second way: read at least 3 books that you give a perfect rating to. You do not have to blog the books but you do have to tell me why you gave it a perfect rating.

Points - 10 points (max 30 points) an additional 25 points for completing the challenge. Meaning you read all 3 will receive 30 points plus 25 bonus points for a total of 55 points.

***Yes, you can do any combination of the two options. Ex: read 2 books with perfect in the title and 1 book that you have given a perfect rating to.

Have Fun and Happy Reading!!!

Our Prefect Badge Students

Erin - Gryffindor House

Aleksandra - Gryffindor House

Tenia F - Slytherin House

If I left you out leave a link in the comments so I can find your books. Thanks and congrats to our Prefects! Here are your badges

Friday, April 9, 2010

Naked in Death by J.D. Robb

Naked in Death
by J.D. Robb
3.5 stars
A to Z Challenge 2010, Monthly Mixer Mele, Thriller & Suspense Reading Challenge 2010

Naked in Death is the first book in the In Death series. The series stars Lieutenant Eve Dallas. In this book we learn some of the background into Eve's childhood. The abuse, neglected, and ultimately the adandonment. It took such a toll on her emotional that she blocked out everything before the age of 8.

This first book starts off with the murder of a far right Senator granddaughter. As the story unfolds a laundry list of lies, betrayal, and deceit comes out. The murder and subsquent murders are horrific. What set these murders apart from others that Eve has dealt with is the murder weapon, it's quite unusual for this not so far in the future crime novel.

The past of this book is fast. Some may get bogged down or deterred by the new term (which I will list later). There are several suspects that keeps the readers interest. And the sexy, powerful, and rich Roark is introduced to us. I recommend you read this novel. I would say it should be on your to read list but probably not on the top of it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

A to Z Challenge 2010

January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010.

How does this reading challenge work? Choose the option that works best for you...

Authors -- Read alphabetically by author. Commit to 26 books.
Titles -- Read alphabetically by title. Commit to 26 books.
Authors & Titles -- Commit to reading 52 books

How strict is the 26 or 52? I know it isn't always easy to find those difficult letters. The thought of finding the X's (for example) might scare folks away. It shouldn't! I'm a merciful host! (Ask anyone!)

If you want to give the X's a go... For authors, try to find an X in the first name, middle name, or last name. For titles, it doesn't have to be the starting word. Try to find an X somewhere in a title, and it'd count in my book.

Still can't find a book for the letter you need? I'll take your word for it. I've been there. I know. If your library doesn't see the need to order books just because it starts with an X, then I don't blame you for not wanting to special order a book that you may or may not enjoy. You gave it your best, don't feel bad. You can still make this challenge work for you.

To Sign Up for this challenge click here


A: Aftermath, The by Anna J 06/01/2010
B: Bitch by Deja King 06/18/2010
D:Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama 03/17/2010
E:Every Thug Nees A Lady by Wahida Clark 10/24/2010
L: Led Astray by Sandra Brown03/26/2010
N:Naked in Death by J.D. Robb 04/05/2010
S:Shameless Hoodwives by De'nesha Diamond & Meesha Mink 07/2010

Thriller & Suspense Reading Challenge 2010

To read TWELVE (12) thrillers in 2010


• You don't have to select your books ahead of time, you can just add them as you go. Also if you do list them upfront then you can change them, nothing is set in stone! The books you choose can crossover into other challenges you have on the go.

• If you decide to participate in this challenge please use the links I have set up below with the buttons to post on your sidebar, this way others can find their way back to this post and join in the fun.

• If you decide to join this challenge be sure to create a post telling others, please make sure you add a link back to this post so others can join in.

• You can join anytime between now and the later part of next year.

• You can find link to specific month to link your reviews HERE and be entered into the monthly prize draw. Non-bloggers welcome.

Now, there are many different sub-genres of thriller, so don't go thinking that you don't actually read these kinds of books because I bet you read more than you think. As I mentioned above you can choose from the numerous sub-genres, from cosy mysteries such as Agatha Christie to the more hard-boiled kind like V I Warshawski by Sara Paretsky, or even supernatural/paranormal suspense written by the likes of Laurell K Hamilton (Anita Blake) and Kelley Armstrong. So, there you have it, this challenge will have something for everyone I'm sure! :)
Naked in Death by J.D. Robb 04/05/2010

J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb is the pseudonym used by Nora Roberts. J.D. Robb has written the In Death series starring main character Eve Dallas. I have decided to read and of course review all the books. There isn't a time frame for this endeavor, it'll take as long as it takes. I will also update the lingo as the series takes place in the near future around 2050.

The book list

The In Death Series

Naked in Death, July 1995 [Read 04/05/2010 review]
Glory in Death, December 1995
Immortal in Death, July 1996
Rapture in Death, October 1996
Ceremony in Death, May 1997
Vengeance in Death, October 1997
Holiday in Death, June 1998
Conspiracy in Death, April 1999
Loyalty in Death, October 1999 [Read 07/2009 review]
Witness in Death, March 2000
Judgment in Death, September 2000
Betrayal in Death, March 2001
Seduction in Death, September 2001
Reunion in Death, March 2002
Purity in Death, September 2002
Portrait in Death, March 2003
Imitation in Death, September 2003
Divided in Death, January 2004
Visions in Death, August 2004
Survivor in Death, February 2005
Origin in Death, July 2005
Memory in Death, January 2006
Born in Death, November 2006
Innocent in Death, February 2007
Creation in Death, November 2007
Strangers in Death, February 2008
Salvation in Death, November 2008
Promises in Death, February 2009
Kindred in Death, November 2009
Fantasy in Death, February 2010

In Death Novella

Robb novella included in Remember When (featuring two connected stories from Nora Roberts and J. D. Robb), May 2004
Big Jack, March 2010 (stand-alone publication) [Read 04/02/2010 review]

****Note the first half of Remember When is also published as a stand alone called Hot as Ice by Nora Roberts. The second half is published as a stand alone called Big Jack by J.D. Robb

In Death stories included in Anthologies

“Midnight in Death,” Silent Night, November 1998
“Interlude in Death,” Out of This World, August 2001
“Haunted in Death,” Bump in the Night, April 2006
“Eternity in Death,” Dead of Night, November 2007
“Ritual in Death,” Suite 606, November 2008
“Missing in Death,” The Lost, December 2009

Remember When by Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb

Remember When
by Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb
3.5 stars

Monthly Mixer Mele

My first thought about the book was “written by me and me” how weird is that? I am not sure how many people know that that J.D. Robb and Nora Roberts are one in the same. I thought what a clever way to get Nora Roberts fans to read J.D. Robb and vice versa.

The first part of the book is written by Nora Roberts. It, of course, gives the set up and background information for the plot throughout the novel. Roberts part is more about the love story between Laine Tavish and Max Gannon. The circumstances that brought them together is an important aspect of the novel as a whole but is more the means of getting the couple together in the first part of the book. Laine Tavish was born Elaine O’Hara, daughter to Jack O’Hara. Jack O’Hara was a theft and was passing that legacy on to Laine until her mother decided enough was enough and moved. Laine changed her name not because she was totally ashamed of her father but she was afraid that the name would prevent her from having the life she wanted because of people who believe apple not falling far from the tree. Max Gannon is an ex-cop turn private investigator. He was hired by the insurance company to track down over 28 million dollars of stolen diamonds. His investigation leads him to Laine and from there his heart never stood a chance. (First part takes place in 2003)

The second part of the story is written by J.D. Robb. It focuses more on the diamond heist. In the first part we learn that the diamonds were split into four parts. Jack pocketed a few stones just in case something happen with his share but 3 of the parts was found, one was still out there. Samantha granddaughter of Laine and Max wrote a book about the diamond heist. After coming off of her book tour she finds her friend and house sitter dead. It is up to Lieutenant Eve Dallas, newly promoted Detective Peabody and the ever endearing Roark to find out who is behind the murders. Eve is certain that whoever it is has a personal connection to those diamonds. The underlining theme of this novel is the question of nature or nurture.

I listened to the audio version of the book. The flow and pace was smooth. I never felled bogged down by too much useless information or stalling. The reader, Susan Erickson, does a wonderful job. With audio books, the reader’s voice is just as important as the story. If I do not like the reader’s voice then my experience with that audio book is done. Overall this was an entertaining read.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chick Porn Reading Challenge 2010

Chick Porn Reading Challenge 2010

I Love Reading Challenges group exclusive

With a name like that, you know this may not be a challenge for everybody! Now that you've been warned on with the challenge...

Chick porn is chick lit, romance and/or erotica.
In this challenge you will be required to read 2 books for each rating. This may be the steamiest reading challenge you'll do all year!

Okay! Time frame now to Dec 31 2010
overlapping with other challenges as always is fine

G - very light on kissing scenes if it has any. This is young love or even just a crush.
PG - kissing, mild "love" scenes maybe only a couple of love scenes in whole book
PG-13 - kissing, mild "love" scenes 2 to more love scenes
R- kissing, "love" scenes, more nudity 3 or more love scenes
X- you would not recommend this book to anyone under 18. In fact you feel a little naughty for reading it yourself!

The ratings are just a guide. Use you judgement as to which rating your book goes under.

My List
*Led Astray by Sandra Brown 03/26/2010
*The Aftermath by Anna J 06/01/2010
*Bitch by Deja King 06/18/2010

Prolific Blogger Award

I would like to say thank you to Aleksandra at Alekasandra's Corner.

A Prolific Blogger is one who is intellectually productive… up an active blog that is filled with enjoyable content.

1. Every winner of the Prolific Blogger Award has to pass on this award to at least seven other deserving prolific bloggers. Spread some love!

2. Each Prolific Blogger must link to the blog from which he/she has received the award.

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