Monday, October 25, 2010

Urban Street Hip Hop Fiction

Urban Street Hip Hop Fiction

Whatever you chose to call it. It is the genre that stirs controversy. At the end of the day, however, it is the readers who matter and us readers say with love the genre. Here is what I have to say about it.

In this genre the reader is taken on a pretty realistic ride of how some women really react to men in this lifestyle. There are so many uncertainties that comes along with dating a man in the "life". Will he go to jail? Will he get shot? Will the police show up at the door wanting to search your home? Will a rival target you as a way to get back at him? Then you have all the regular worries that many women have about their men but amplified because the type of life he's living. Men in the "life" are always out and about. If he's making money than you can bet there are going to be females sniffing around so if being faithful. These types of men can put you on an emotional rollercoster.

I called this types of books hood fairy tales though. I'm sorry but most thugs are not making the kind of paper the men in these books are making. The men in these books always do and say the right things. The men in these books always packing the goods between their legs and know how to turn their women out. Well a man with a good package is not a guarantee for good sex. And I think every woman who has slept with more than one man can tell you that not every man can satisfy let alone throw it down.

So these are fairy tales for woman who like men who's rough around the edges but gentle and sweet when he deals with her. Disney has their Cinderella and Snow White waiting for Prince Charming but us little girls who up in the hood wanted that dude who all the other females wanted. He was the one who always had on the freshest gear. The dope ride. The body that made the panties wet just from looking at him. Besides, who does like the bad boy? The guy you know is no damn good for you and that just makes you want him more. You want to be the one to tame the beast. But ladies remember it's all a fairy tale, you can't tame him until he's ready to be tame.

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