Friday, December 24, 2010

I Spy Reading Challenge

I Spy Reading Challenge
Duration: One year from the date you start the challenge
*The challenge post says only non 3 non paranormal's allowed but for this challenge post can read anything

I love challenges where we have to go on a little scavenger hunt through our TBR to find books that fit.

This one is a TITLE search challenge--it's not based on finding pictures on the cover, but finding words in the title of the book. But instead of giving you specific words to search for, we're going to do categories. I've listed a bunch of examples, but you're not limited to those--use your imagination and find words that fit the categories.

The duration of this challenge will be one year from your start date. So whenever you decide to start, you will have one year to complete it. Please post your dates with your list. You may use anthologies & rereads, and while most should be along the paranormal/fantasy theme, I won't smack you upside the head if you throw one or two non-paranormals in there. :)

Also, if you are having a hard time with a category, you many use the series name if it is printed on the cover of the book. Everyone can do that for up to 3 categories. In the TITLE of a book, find a word that fits the below categories: ***items below in italics are just suggestions from me, use them or come up with new ones, I just wanted to give examples and I got carried away. :)

1. Color don't forget the good ones like crimson & indigo
2. Number one, two, three, as well as once, twice, first, second
3. Things That Grow flower, tree, rose, orchid, garden, lily, forest, seed, thorn, ivy
4. 4 Seasons spring, summer, fall, autumn, winter
5. First Name Dick, Tom, Harry, Harriet
6. Places city, state, country, land, town, empire, kingdom, world OR the proper name of a city, state or country (NY, London)
7. Body Part heart, eye, hand, bone, skin, mind, foot
8. Weapon knife, sword, arrow, dart, poison, blade, razor
9. Body of Water sea, ocean, river, lake, pond, bayou
10. Form of Water ice, fog, rain, snow, water, mist -
11. Product of Fire heat, smoke, fire, burn, flames, light, ash, blaze -
12. Heavenly Body sun, moon, star
13. Architecture castle, house, tower, bridge, gate
14. 5 Senses sight, sound, touch, scent, taste
15. Royal Title king, queen, princess, duke
16. Family Member brother, daughter, mother
17. 4 Elements fire, earth, air/wind, water
18. Time of Day morning, noon, night, evening, midnight, twilight, dusk, dawn
19. Metal gold, silver, bronze, iron, steel
20. Emotion/Feeling love, hate, pride, passion, desire, fear, envy
21. Animal/Insect dog, cat, wolf, tiger, bird, spider, fox, crow, goose, snake
22. Something to Read book, tale, story
23. Gender Identifier boy, girl, man, woman, wife, husband, lady
24. Paranormal Being vampire, demon, angel, succubus, ghost, zombie, devil, unicorn, dragon

Here's my list
1. Color:
2. Number:
3. Things That Grow:
4. 4 Seasons:
5. First Name:
6. Places OR Proper Name: Living Dead in Dallas
7. Body Part: Face the Fire
8. Weapon: Dark Lover/Black Dagger Brotherhood
9. Body of Water:
10. Form of Water: Ice Cold by Tess Gerritsen 05/13/2011
11. Product of Fire: Wild Fire by Christine Feehan 04/14/2011
12. Heavenly Body: Moon Called
13. Architecture: Glass Houses
14. 5 Senses: Touch the Dark
15. Royal Title:
16. Family Member:
17. 4 Elements: Dance Upon the Air
18. Time of Day: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer 02/06/2011
19. Metal:
20. Emotion/Feeling: Guilty Pleasures
21. Animal/Insect:
22. Something to Read:
23. Gender Identifier: Dead Girls' Dance
24. Paranormal Being: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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