Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Aftermath by Anna J

The Aftermath by Anna J

3 1/2 stars

From back of book:
Jasmine and James have been on rocky ground ever since gorgeous, supersexy Monica joined them for a threesome that quickly got out of hand. Monica isn't the kind of woman to give up on what she wants, and before long she's pulling them all into a web of secrets, lies, and wild, dangerous lust...

Monica from My Woman His Wife is back to show you why even the mere thought of a mge a trios with your spouse and an outsider should never enter your imagination.
It's been three months since the Cinque household has been turned upside down by a sexual tryst gone terribly wrong. Although Jasmine and James are making moves to put their broken home and broken hearts back together, past lies and a lack of trust make it almost impossible to salvage what once was sacred. It's even harder when with a conniving woman like Monica throwing salt in the wounds from the sidelines because she still hasn't gotten what she wants.
Old family secrets are revealed and half truths are exposed as marriage vows are put to the test, painful memories are relived, and revenge is at the top of everyone's list. Drama, betrayal, and lust are all found on the pages of Aftermath -- when once just isn't enough.

My Review

I enjoyed this book. The characters struggled with the decisions that they made and the consequences of those decisions. Even after everything that happen in the first book the characters still was not 100% honest with each other. To start over and start fresh you must be willing to put everything on the table. As the saying goes, what is done in the dark eventually finds its way to the light.

This is not a stand alone book. It would be advisable to read the first book My Woman, His Wife first to truly understand what went down. I would rate the book as 3 stars if read before the fist one. It is entertaining but the first book is more sexually charged.

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