Monday, July 20, 2009

Hittin' the Bricks by Noire

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Hittin' the Bricks by Noire4 stars

Eva Patterson was turned out and turned on to drugs by her mother and her mothers boyfriend Jahden after they held her down and injected her with heroin. Why? So that Jahden could rape her without a fight. Soon her mother got jealous and made her daughter come up with her own money to buy smack. So, barely into her teens, Eva began doing whatever she had to do to get money. After getting kicked out of the house she went looking for a place to shoot up only to have a son inside the industrial size dryer. Leaving the baby in good hands she went to live with her aunt.
Her cousin Fiyah ends up going to jail on a mandatory gun charge for her. While locked up he becomes indebted to King Brody. Brody wants Eva. Knowing the rep that Brody has she wants nothing to do with him. Plus she's in love with her man Mello. Fiyah not wanting to die because he surely knows that if Brody doesn't get what he wants, Fiyah and Eva both are walking targets.
Brody works his own special evil on the family and anyone else he feels like it. When it's all said and done people are murdered, lives are changed forever and those who were able to survive the aftermath is left to deal with the guilt of their part in the tragedy.
If you like urban/street lit then you'll love this book. If you like a happy ending then you will not. I don't usually get emotional over a book or a movie but I really felt empathy for Eva. All I can say is this, no one knows how they will handle certain situations until they are faced with them but talk about a disappointment of a man we are shown in Fiyah.

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