Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Sunday Salon

If you have look at my page on the side named reading challenges you'll see that I signed up for alot of them this year. I have fallen back on my reading in the past couple of months. I think that I am back on track now. Work had alot of things going on since I have a couple of extra tasks that I have to do and I am trying to position myself to take on another task. In these times of lay offs it's a good idea to try to learn as much as possible to make yourself more valuable. Also I just became president of our site Toastmasters club. Plus going to school full time. Oh and I started going back to that gym so that has been wiping me out.

I still have hope of finishing all of my challenges though. I just finished reading The Hood Life, an urban/street lit novel. I loved it. I am going to start Blown Coverage by Jason Elam & Steven Yohn. I got it two years ago (WOW that long) as a ARC and never got around to reading it. After that I am scheduled to read New Moon but I may replace it with something else, not sure yet. So what are you reading?

***I'm not sure who started this meme...sorry


  1. I always end up joining way too many challenges! Hopefully I will catch up on my reading as well :)

    You lead a very busy life! Congrats on becoming president of the Toastmasters club. I will be starting school full time in the fall... better get my reading done now!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your interest in my weekly memes! I hope to have you join in on Suddenly Sunday in the future :)

    Have an excellent week!

  2. Wow, you have a lot going on! I always figure that there are going to be a few challenges that I don't finish and then try not to stress out about it. Good luck with all of the challenges you're participating in!

  3. Yeah I hear ya! Life happens and things get super busy! I started working full time and immediately lost track of my reading and blogging momentum! I'm just getting back into everything now!!

  4. (I commented on this already but I didn't realize that until just now but don't want to delete it)

    Girl, work! Yay for all your awesome developments. I totally understand how it is when life gets so busy that all you have time for is that and sleep!

    I've been away for a while and haven't been able to blog/read/comment in ages...but I'm glad to be back. And I can TOTALLY read 13 more books for the mini-challenge. Totally!!! :)