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London Lust by Renee Wyckoff

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London Lust 
by Renee Wyckoff
Rating 2stars

Victoria is living the good life that any woman would want and that includes; being the owner of Illinois Soothing Day Spa, and marrying the love of her life who just happens to be the owner of a fortune 500 business called Fine Craft. So where did she go wrong? How did she go from vacationing in London and planning to go to Paris with her husband, to having her heart broken? How far will she go to exact revenge for the hurt and deceit done to her by the very ones she called her friends?

My Review:
Cover - I am a shoulder and upper back girl. The guy in the cover has honey...don't like his elbows though. The girl, sorry but she posing sexy but she looks creepy. It's her eyes.

The good:
The story was juicy. Victoria life was a too good to be true fairy tale. Her husband is the first guy she ever slept with as well as her childhood friend. Although they had one hiccup when they were growing up they were the perfect couple. They loved each and after all those yearsof being together they still was passionate. Then come the trip to London. Unfortunately they both planned to do some dirt. And well...where there is dirt there is drama. The story ends with a few deaths, a new life, and a cliffhanger.

The Bad:
The writing on this was distracting. The were formatting issues and typos. Basically things that basic editing should have caught. The story was often choppy and all over the place. Some times you had to go back to find out who was the main character for the chapter. For a book that has less than 100 pages, one should not have to go back to find who is saying what to whom.

“One day, there will come a time when you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground..” and you start recapping your life and asking yourself should I have made the choices I made, or should I have did things differently?

Should you read it? If you like urban fiction. Who should ad it? See previos answer. If you don't like urban fiction or are new to the genre this is not the book for you.


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