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Book Review: The Missing by Necole Ryse

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The Missing
by Necole Ryse
Series: Birthright book 2
rating 4 stars

Reeling from her boyfriend's disappearance, Raevyn Jones is shocked to learn that she is considered suspect number one. To make matters worse, rumors are swirling that golden boy, Jeffrey Donnelly, isn't just missing...he may never be coming back. 

And Raevyn is being framed. 

Her second semester at Benjamin Wallace Fitzgerald University, the nation's first Ivy League institution for African Americans, is full of twists and turns. 

Soon Raevyn will learn not to trust anyone, not even the people she calls friend

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My Review:
Whoa! It's good. Okay so this book starts right where the last book left off. That means that you do need to read the first book to really understand what's going on. Since this is a continuation you may want to stop because the rest of this review may contain a few spoilers. I hope not but I cannot guarantee it. 

Raevyn and I have a like/hate relationship. In the first book, The Legacy, I liked Raevyn much more in the first book. I know that Jeffrey is missing. I know that B has been sending crazy text messages. I know these things but they don't make her any more likable. In fact, I found her a bit pathetic this this one. She kept run back to friends who treated her like shit but then wanted her to hang when it suited them. 

With my feelings about Raevyn put aside the story is good. The questions I mentioned were answered. We find out what happened to Jeffrey. We find out if she was set up by her friends. We find out about B. In finding the answers in those we get new questions. Like what's up with this Mel situation? What Mel situation you ask. You got to read it to find out. And yes it is worth the read.

About the Author 
Necole Ryse graduated from Towson University with Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications. Bored with life as an adult, Necole decided to follow her dreams to write fiction and she hasn’t looked back. She joined theWinslet Press family to release her first novel, THE LEGACY. She enjoys chocolate covered pretzels, Criminal Minds marathons, and all things Harry Potter.

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