Monday, May 1, 2017

YA Buddy Readers' Corner: Jumanji Challenge May 2017

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Part 1 - The beginning!
- Read a book about bullying.
- Read a book by an author, or with a character who’s name starts with the letter ‘A’ (for Alan)
- Book with shoes or trainers on the cover
- Read a book with soil/earth/ digging equipment/ something buried, or a box or trunk on the cover. Or a book with a brown cover.
- Read a book set in a boarding school
- Pick a playing piece – read a book with an animal on the cover
- Read a book by an author, or with a character called ‘Sarah’
- Winged things… read a book with the letters ‘B’, ‘A’, and ‘T’ in the title
- Read a book set in another world
- In the Jungle you must wait… read a book with trees on the cover.

Part 2 – 26 years later…
- Read a book set in the future, or in the past (after 2041 or before 1989)
- Read a book with a house on the cover (or in the title)
- Read a book featuring an orphan
- A tiny bite can make you itch – read a book with something that flies on the cover
- Watch out for those monkeys! Distract them by reading a book with food on the cover!
- Watch out for that Lion! Find something even scarier! Read a horror story!
- Roll a five or an eight – read 800 pages of your choice (can be made up from more than 1 book.)
- What year is it? Read a book published in 1995.
- I’ve been in Jumanji! Read a Paranormal story.
- That’s my car! Read a book with a car on the cover.

Part 3 – Time to play the game:
- We need our fourth player! Quick buddy read a book! (GBR&BR&R also count)
- They grow much faster than bamboo – Read a book with flowers on the cover.
- Watch out for the hunter! Read a book with the words ‘hunter/hunted/hunt’ in the title.
- It’s a stampede! Run! Read a book whose title starts with the letter R.
- We lost the game! Read a book in which someone goes missing.
- Help! I’m turning into a monkey! Read a book starting with one of your teammates initials to save them! (Each teammate’s initial can only be used once!)
- There be a monsoon in your lagoon! Read a book with water or rain on the cover (or in the title)
- You wrestled a crocodile for me! Read a romance novel.
- The floor is quicker than the sand. Read a book with a beach on the cover, or set at the beach.
- Need a hand? We each have 8! Read a fantasy story.

Part 4 – The end
- Finish the game! Read books whose titles begin with J,U,M,A,N,J,I

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