Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chaser by Miasha

Chaser by Miasha



From back of book:
Leah -- Young, beautiful, and in love with the wrong man. Distraught after her boyfriend Kenny sets her up to take the fall in yet another of his schemes, Leah has no choice but to strike a deal with the police. Her world changes overnight, and maintaining her composure while gathering information is no easy task. And then she meets Nasir... Nasir -- All he's ever wanted to do is make his family proud. Ambitious and hardworking, Nasir is a good man, but he owes a debt to a former friend -- and regardless of how many times he's paid it back, Kenny will never let him forget it... Kenny -- Money reigns supreme in Kenny's world and he'll stop at nothing to get more of it. Kenny would lie, cheat, and even kill to protect his empire. There is no such thing as loyalty as far as he's concerned. And he's starting to realize that his girlfriend Leah is standing in his way... Smart, sexy, and undeniably thrilling, Chaser is exactly what Miasha's legions of fans have been waiting for.

My Review:

The title of the book can have two different meanings. Chaser could be the type of work that both of the male characters engaged in. Chaser are the tow truck drivers who show up at car accidents...they chase wrecks. Chaser could also mean paper chaser. One of the main characters, Kenny, is a huge paper chaser. He will do whatever he can to get money be it drugs or an auto insurance scam. Things heat up when Leah and Nasir start to spend time together.

This is a fast paced book. The novel starts off with a bang. Talk about grabbing the reader with the first page. I enjoyed this book. It isn't a favorite but it is a good read. TBR list #3

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