Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Borrowed Book Challenge 2012

Lasts: February 1st 2012 - April 30th 2012
Details:Similar to the Support your Libraries Challenge, this challenge is all about
borrowing books from your library and supporting them in whichever way you can.
Those of us with ereaders know how easy it is to check books out via that method
as well! The possibilities are endless!! It will only last 3 months.
Sign up for 1 of these levels:
Bookworm 1-3 books
Bookie 5-10 books
Book Star 15- 20+ books
February - Check out and review one Romance book (even if it just has
characters who are in love with each other, it qualifies)
March - Check out and review one book with a Green cover!
April - Create and post a library spotlight post (It can be your local library and why it's awesome. I will be spotlighting libraries all month so you can take a look at my examples)
I will post a wrap-up post with a linky at the end of each month for you to link up these
Everyone who signs up and completes their level will get an exclusive Borrowed Book Challenge Award badge to flaunt on their page! Everyone's a winner!At the end of each month she is giving a US participant a book from her library (their choice) or an International
participant a Amazon e-giftcard worth $5 bucks! Hey, it's something!
If you're interested link up your Master post here (you can list all the books you've checked out on that post and give her a little shout out on there as well
my level - Bookworm 1-3books
February - The Sweet Spot by Kayla Perrin


  1. You're welcome. I love challenges. and mini challenges help you feel like you are moving along