Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Edge of Apocalypse by Tim LaHaye & Craig Parshall

Edge of Apocalypse (book 1 in End series)
by Tim LaHaye and Craig Parshall
narrated by Stefan Rudnicki
Rating 4.5 stars

from back of book:
Edge of Apocalypse pulls you into an adrenaline-fueled political thriller laced with End Times prophecy. From Tim LaHaye, creator and co-author of the world-renowned Left Behind series---the most successful adult fiction series ever written---and Craig Parshall comes an epic story ripped from the headlines of world events and filtered through Scriptural prophecy. Set in the near future, Edge of Apocalypse chronicles the beginning of The End---the earth-shattering events leading up to the Apocalypse foretold in Revelation. Joshua Jordan, former U.S. spy-plane hero turned weapons designer, creates the world's most sophisticated missile defense system, a laser shield code-named Return to Sender. Even as Jordan hopes to secure America against a brazen array of new enemies, he finds himself trapped between international as well as domestic assailants. Global forces conspire to steal the defense weapon even as U.S. government leaders will do anything to stop the nation's impending economic catastrophe---including selling-out Jordan and his weapon. With help from a group of powerfully connected Christian leaders known as The Patriots, Jordan works to save the nation from economic and moral collapse---and to clear his name. As world events begin setting the stage for the 'end of days' foretold in Revelation, Jordan must consider not only the biblical prophecies preached by his wife's pastor, but the personal price he must pay if he is to save the nation he loves.

My Review:
I really liked the book. The suspense held throughout the telling of the story. Right at the beginning the action starts and doesn't let up. Set in the near future the events are fictional however, it is just to real. There isn't anything in this book that if one was honest with his or her self couldn't see actually happen.

Spoiler alerts!!!!!!!!!!

Let's start with the phone. The All phone is an all in one device. It's you television, fax, computer etc. The All phone come in many sizes that's why it has taken over everything.

Now let's take on the world in this story. The U.S. government has become so indebted to under nations that everything is for sale including our freedoms which are trumped by the new version of the United Nations. Corruption is rampant within the U.S. as well as other countries. The story centers around the events making the one world government an reality.

So what makes the story real is that it could easily happen. As we (people in general) become complacent and not active in our government policies politicians can use our lack of action to their advantage. The book sounds like a conspiracy theory but I look at it as an warning. You may want to say it is paranoia. Isn't it better to be a little paranoid with your guard up or be blindsided.

I will give you an example. Have you ever seen Demolition Man? The movie stars Sandra Bullock and Slyvester Stallone. In the movie, cars drive themselves. We see this in other movies as well. Now we think this is fiction. Several years back (and I do mean years back) I was watching a program and the were testing cars that drove themselves. The goal was to have sensor is the median barrier on highways that regulated speed keeping cars a certain distance apart and to achieve this the sensor did the driving. The driver would take over once the car got close to the exit. This didn't go anywhere though. Why not? Because at the time people were not ready to give up driving. You think they gave up? You would be wrong. If I want you to do something sometimes coming right out with what I want you to do is too much for you to handle. You will say know. I still want you to do it so I will just take a more slow path to my goal. So what did they do. Came up with cars that help you parallel park. By slowly getting you use to the new technology you become use to the lack of control so that by the time the car that can drive itself is introduced you think of it as a natural progression.

This is the type of thing that this book deals with. Right now we have versions of the All phone. Smartphones really do all the things that we use. We have already made the switch to digital television. Most of the major channels also air their shows on the Internet via their website. So having all television channels broadcast only through the Internet is not far fetch at all.

The way the story deals with government issues is not far fetch either. Other countries with do what the U.N. says of deal with the consequences which usually means not getting aide or trade. World peace is a great concept. A one world government would seem like a good answer to achieve that goal however, it is not natural. Every empire you have tried to rule the world have failed...epically. Having an global economy and a global government are two completely different things but it seems that it is becoming increasingly integrated.

This is really a good story that can open your eyes. Make you aware of events and issues that are going on in the world around you. It is just very well done. So what didn't I like? It not that I didn't like it as that it will isolate certain readers. This is a christian book. I didn't not know that before I read it. It is undeniably there. Faith, the belief in God, and the belief that Jesus Christ died for our sins is very much apart of the plot of this story.

If you are not christian and can get pass that message in the book it is really worth the read in my opinion. I must note that I do love a good conspiracy theory also I am not one to read christian novels so this really surprised me. You may read this and see a good story. You may read this and think its all propaganda. You may read this and it leads you to be more proactive. But one this is for sure it is an entertaining read. So have I hooked ya?

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