Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Rocky Road to Romance by Janet Evanovich

  • Mass Market Paperback: 272 pages
  • Publisher: Harper (August 31, 2004)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0060598891
  • ISBN-13: 978-0060598891
  •  Rating: 3 stars (2.8)

  • from Amazon:
    Her tall, dark, and deliciously dangerous boss . . .

    When the delightful, daffy Dog Lady of station WZZZ offered to take on the temporary job of traffic reporter, Steve Crow tried to think of reasons to turn Daisy Adams down. Perhaps he knew that sharing the close quarters of a car with her for hours would give the handsome program director no room to resist her quirky charms. He'd always favored low-slung sportscars and high-heeled women, but that was before he fell for a free spirit who caught crooks by accident, loved old people and pets, and had just too many jobs!

    Loving Daisy turned Steve's life upside down, especially once he adopted Bob, a huge dog masquerading as a couch potato. But was Daisy finally ready to play for keeps?

    My Review:
    The Rocky Road to Romance is a precursor to the Plum series in way. Although Steve Crow, radio station boss and love interest is a character of his own, Daisy Adams definitely has some Stephanie Plum qualities. She is headstrong and hard-headed, walks unnecessarily into danger, stubborn, and has a hard time asking for help.

    Daisy is also a workaholic. She volunteers as a crossing guard, deliver newspapers, a waitress, a cab driver, The Bowser Hour (she wrote a cookbook for dogs) spot on the radio, a doctorate student, an internship at a retirement home, and just landed a temporary job filling in as the radio station traffic reporter. And in typical Evanovich fashion, Daisy finds herself in the middle of some pretty incredible incidents.

    Steve Crow is WZZZ radio station owner. He falls for Daisy, hard. She mentions a dog she tested recipes with so to have an excuse to get closer to her he tells he she can use his dog. Only one problem, he doesn't have a dog. Crow goes to a shelter to find a dog, Bob. Bob is to big for the sport car Crow drives so he buys a car. The condo building he lives in doesn't allow dogs so he buys a house. All for the love of Daisy. But the question is will she allow herself to admit the love he knows she has for him or better yet succumb to it?

    I know you want the rundown right. Here goes: Daisy the workaholic, Steve the boss and love interest, Kevin the human food vacuum, Elise the elderly bodyguard, 2 drug dealers, a surprise parental visit, an incidental engagement, and a pregnancy.

    A fast paced and entertaining story. The Rocky Road to Romance is kind of like Rocky Road ice cream there's alot going on but at the end of the bite it melts into a delicious delight. Bon Appetite

    Plot: 3 Writing: 2  Characters: 3  Other: 3 Overall feel: 3

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