Saturday, December 8, 2012

Shoot The Breeze 10


Giving a book as a gift. 

Do you have a book lover in your life? Giving a book as a Christmas present is a great gift in my opinion. Many people give magazine subscriptions so why not a book. You may not have considered giving a book because you don't know what to give. Here are some tips. If the person has a blog check it out. What kind of books are they blogging about. Many bloggers have a review policy that states they kind of books they are interested in. Check out they person book shelves like a blog it tells you their interests. Maybe the person has many books by the same author. Or book one and two but not book three. You can also ask the person to make a list of 5 books they would like to have. It is true that they will know what you are going to give them but they do not know which book they will receive.

Once you have bought the book. It is time to wrap it. As I have said in previous post and will more than likely say it in future post, I love bookmarks. I suggest also buying a bookmark with the book. Or you can include a note card with a personal message that the person. This note card could be used in place of a bookmark. You can place the book in a box so that it won't get damaged especially if it is being sent in the mail. If not, then this is how I would wrap the gift.

Lay the bookmark (or note card) the place book front down on a couple of sheets of gift wrap tissue paper and wrap as normal. You will want to cut off the excess to make wrapping easier when folding the corners. Then place the book on the wrapping paper.front down and repeat the process. You can then leave it as is or add a ribbon or bow.

*wrapping paper idea - because this is a gift for a reader think about wrapping it in newspaper. If you use newspaper than wrapping in tissue paper first is essential since news print tends to transfer to other objects easily. (for a romance book try using the personal section and circle a couple in a red marker)

So now there you have it!

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