Friday, January 25, 2013

Freestyle Friday 2 - Play Book Tag's 5th Anniversary Relay

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PBT's 5th Anniversary Relay

Official Rules may change a bit but this is the jest of the game:

It's our Fifth anniversary in February - - so this game is all about the number 5.

This activity is essentially a relay race. The administrators will form teams of 5 people, making the teams as even as possible based on your prior year's reading.

Each team will be assigned a starting tag, selected at random. The first person on the team reads any book that has that tag. They must finish the book and write a review before the next person may start reading. When the first person has completed their book, the next person counts off five tags in the list of top 200 and reads a book that fits the new tag.

For example, the first tag could be "high school". So the first person would read a book tagged "high school" and writes their review. Then the next person would read the tag "holocaust".

The races will be run in "heats". So let's say we have 6 teams at the start. The first four teams to finish the relay (all five people have read their books and written reviews) will move on to the next heat. The final heat will feature only two teams. Heats will begin on Fridays at 8 pm EST - - that way everyone knows when they may start, and hopefully there will be some planning time between heats. A new starting tag will be provided for each heat for those teams that remain.

The minimum page count requirement is 250 pages. However, if you read a book that ALSO fits the monthly tag, then the book may be shorter by as much as 75 pages.

Graphic novels are permissible, but you must read 2 graphic novels instead of one book.

Each team may have 1 skip per heat. This would allow you to skip over one person on the team, for whatever reason, but then that person will need to read the final book for their team. Otherwise you must submit an order to us and stick with it before the start of each heat.

The administrators will do their best to post daily standings.

Reviews must consist of three paragraphs minimum and include a plot summary and your opinion of the book.

If you are interested, please sign up below and include how many books you completed last year along with your expression of interest.

There will definitely be prizes! All members of the winning team will receive a prize. Heat winners will be awarded participation points of varying levels depending upon the heat.

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