Friday, February 1, 2013

Freestyle Friday 3 - Paging All Bookworms' Feb 2013 Mini Challenge

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February 2013 Mini-Challenge: Seeing Red (from a Shelfari group)
I hate Valentine's Day challenges. So every February I sidestep the obvious and go with something different. However it occurs to me that not everyone may feel the same way I do, so this year I am going with something that may still allow you to intercept Cupid's arrow, if you are so inclined. For February's challenge read a book that has the color red (or some variant of that color) in the title or author's name. If that coincides with something that is oriented in the Valentine's Day direction then that is great-I guess. Ain't love grand?

What am I going to read?
The only thing I have planned to read that is red is the Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce.

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