Friday, April 26, 2013

Freestyle Friday 5 - Historical Fiction

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Why you won't really see Historical Fiction on this blog?

As a kid I hated history. Maybe hate is too strong; I disliked (strongly disliked) history. I found it boring and certain gender role expectations infuriating  Also the formal way people spoke to each other bothers me. Historical romance is perhaps the reason why I shy away from this genre. Throbbing loins and such just doesn't work for me.

Unless a book is recommend to me or grabs me in some way there will be very little historical fiction reviews. I know many of you are HF fans. I like reading the blogs of those you read these types of books I just don't get the same type of enjoyment out of them.Then again I never use to like romance novels of any kind so maybe HF will grow on me.

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