Sunday, May 26, 2013

Participation Challenge 2013

Participation Challenge 2013

New challenge at Worth Reading It? and it's an easy one. Well, at least I think so. I wanted to bring a challenge back to the blog for awhile now. Here's how it works:

Starting June 1st to December 15th
  • One entry for every book you link up using Mr. Linky below (leave a comment to this post only containing your name, the book you read, and the date you read it for those who do not have a blog)
  • One entry for following Worth Reading It? blog
  • One entry for liking I Love Reading Challenges Facebook page
  • One entry for following me on Twitter
  • One entry for every time you use hashtag #WorthReadingIt (limit 4x a day per person)
  • Five entries for every trivia question you answer
    • Trivia questions will always come from a book I have read. Leave the answer to the trivia question in the comment section for that book.
  • Mini challenges will be announced per a blog post and twitter a few days before they start. Number of entries will vary depending on the mini challenge.
Entries are for a drawing on Sunday December 15th 2013 to win a $25 Barnes & Noble or Amazon gift card. Just in time for Christmas!

*Linking books:

  1. You can use Mr. Linky to link each book you read for the challenge by using the url for your review posts 
  2. You can link you Participation Challenge post page (post where you are listing all you books for this challenge)
  3. You can leave you name(doesn't have to be your real name), the book you read, and the date you read it in the comment section of this post

Link up here

List of posts where trivia questions are located (remember leave answers in the comment section of the book post):

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