Friday, May 10, 2013

Freestyle Friday 7 - Zombies

#FF #freestylefriday

Who haven't watch a zombie movie? The walking dead with rotting flesh and limbs falling off. Slow moving zombies who you can easily run away from. Moaning zombies with arms outstretched. Zombies with dragging bad legs. Zombies who run. Zombies in mass numbers. The new thing now-a-days are biological warfare zombies. What do all theses zombies have in common? We just can't get of enough of them.

There is something so terrifyingly compelling about them. Especially the biological/viral ones. Perhaps because anyone can become one. Maybe its the fact that when the outbreak happens lawlessness occurs and people are free to unleash their inner hero (or for some freely kill). Whatever it is, I prefer to watch them than read about them. I haven't written reading about them off yet as I haven't read enough to make up my mind. Do you have any suggestions of some great zombie reads?

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