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Money is King by Nicety

Money Is King
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rating 3stars (2.6)

From Barnes and Noble:
A good man is hard to find, especially one with a paycheck who's faithful to his woman. Cesar is not only sexy but he's a rare and hot commodity who's every woman's dream. But he's taken by Mink, a selfish trick who doesn't deserve him and loves money more than her own snatch. When his back's against the wall, Cesar struggles to keep his hands clean. His pride won't allow him not to take care of his son, the one thing tying he and Mink together. Will Mink suck him dry before its all said and done or does Cesar have other tricks up his sleeve?

My Review:
Disclaimer - This is an Urban/Street lit book. There is profanity and explicit sex scenes. This not for those who enjoy subtlety nor is this review. Oh...spoiler alert!!!!!

Ok let's jump in, shall we? Cesar is a good man. While in jail he found out that he was to be a dad so after he got out he vowed to go straight. Cut to 7 years later he is working at Home Depot when they finally decide to get around to running background checks on everyone. Do you know where I'm going with this? That's right. He lied about having a felony on his application and gets fired.

Now on the home-front. His girlfriend Mink is a hoe. Sorry but there's no other way to say it. She has been having sex with other men for years. Not only does she have sex with multiple men over the years, it is unprotected sex. It is questioned whether or not their son is biologically Cesar's. Of course, Mink refuse to agree to a paternity test. Caught once again with another man she has used he last "get out of hot water" cared with Cesar.

Let's not all started to feel so sad for Cesar though. He has caught Mink cheating with several different men. And even though he is smart enough to not to marry her, the same can't be said when it comes to him leaving her. She not a good girlfriend or mother. The only things that kept them together was that she was great at sex and he was comfortable with her.

Finally Cesar has had enough. Losing his job has forced him to go back to the world he was determined to leave behind. This woman, the mother of his child who refuses to keep her legs closed and is only concerned with her next shopping spree. All the times he had been faithful to her. This time is different. He has left for good. Engaged to a woman who made it known that she wanted to be with him. She is the opposite of Mink.

Mink is completely delusional and self centered. Every one is out to get her or jealous of her. She doesn't think that she is to blame for any of the things that happens to her. Her sister is college educated and married to a man that Mink thinks should have been hers. Mink displaces her insecurities, flaws, and bad deeds on to others. She needs to be the envy of everyone in order to feel any kind of worth.

This part 1 of 2. I will read part 2 at some point. Mainly because of the way the book end. How does it end? Well...since you asked. Cesar has taken all of his belongings other than the stuff in the bedroom (being that she was having sex with other men on their bed) stays to tell her that he's leaving, their son is going to leave with him and his new finacee. Mink feels faint as she screams nooo. She not going to let him go that easy and especially not to get married to someone else after she's been asking to be his wife.

Money is King is fast paced. Typical Urban/Street lit book. When you read this you will not have any "I didn't see that coming moments". However, if you are chilling on the beach, at the park, or on your patio and you want a quick read to pass the time then this is the book for ya.


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