Tuesday, March 4, 2014

He Loves Me, He Loves You Not by Mychea

He Loves Me, He Loves You Not
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Kindle Edition 222 pgs est.
rating 4 stars (3.6)

From Goodreads:
It's been years since their parents were murdered. Twin sisters Shia and Leigh are trying to readjust to life, while caring for their baby sister Remi. With the exception of Leigh s angry, dramatic mood swings every now and then, everything seems to be going great. That is until Demetri; the mysterious stranger enters their midst, and falls right in the path of the newly single Shia. After dating Trent for so long, she is looking for a man to treat her like a queen, and Demetri is heaven sent...until inexplicable things begin to happen. When one of her sisters goes missing, and was last seen with Trent and Demetri, Shia suddenly realizes no one is who they appear to be. The seemingly normal world she and her sisters recreated is destroyed. Shia begins to realize that her parents' past deeds are coming back to haunt them all and no one can be trusted. It is unclear to Shia which man truly has her best interest - and safety - at heart. Staring at the wilted flower she calls life, she is slowly pulling back the layers to try to understand if He loves me, he loves you not...

My Review:
Started off interesting. It was a hint that the story was going to be psycho twisted. After the opener
the story settles into drama filled romance triangles. No that is not a typo, it is triangles.

Shia and Leigh are twins. They may look like each other but there personalities are differently different.
Their night at a club sets up a chain of events that will change everyone lives forever. Well, that's not fair. It
is actually the girls' mother who set things in motion but I won't get into that as it would ruin the surprise.

The characters are all emotionally unstable. I can't really get into why they are emotionally unstable as it
would probably ruin some of the drama of the book. What I can say is that after reading this book if you
know someone who has a problem letting go give them this. Hope that they see themselves in it. Get them help. Speak on it. Because even though there are some overly dramatized moments in this book there are just as many real moments. Many people have been beaten down over someone else's mate. Hey, it ain't right but it happens.

For those who think the story is too far fetched. Sorry to tell you but other than the kidnapping and murder I knew women who could not let go and would fight rather than let the man she think is hers go. And I know several men who have date the mother, the daughters, and the cousins. Unfortunately, I know of a mother who made it obvious she wanted some of the loving her daughter boyfriend was throwing down. As well as, sisters who have the same "baby daddy". There's no limit to how crazy drama can get.

The lesson to take away is that when someone makes it know that they don't want you then you let them go.

*There lost score here was the writing. There were misspelled words, tense changes, and punctuation errors that messed up the flow of the book.

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