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Swing by Miasha

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  • Paperback: 128 pages
  • Published: 5/27/14
  • IBSN: 9781617752643
  • e-IBSN: 9781617752872
  • Hardcover: 128 pages
  • IBSN: 9781617752636
  • Rating 3stars (3.4)
Lyssa and Jacob, owners of the swingers’ club Puss and Boots, have been living an active swingers lifestyle ever since their two children moved out of the house. Every couple months they hire a “live-in,” a girl who in exchange for room, board, and a paycheck provides sex on demand.
Danielle and Stewart met each other at a swingers’ club eight years ago. They fell in love and married, soon becoming regulars at Puss and Boots before obtaining their own private room in the club.
JuJu and Ferrari are the epitome of opposites attract. She’s fifty, he’s thirty. She is wild and outgoing and he is reserved and laid-back. She’s a millionaire former model; he’s a college dropout wannabe model. They’ve been going to Puss and Boots since the club opened two years ago.
Tori and Kevin always talked about experimenting with threesomes and group sex but never made time to act on their thoughts and wishes. Well, it’s Kevin’s thirtieth birthday, and what better gift than a surprise visit to Puss and Boots?
Swing is the story of the treacherous and steamy collisions in the lives of these four couples. Roped with sultry scandals and lustful lies, this novella will propel readers to their highest highs and drop them to their lowest lows.


My Review:
I wanted to read this because the swinger club name is Puss n Boots. No seriously, that was the draw for me. The couples in this novel are all connected through the club. Though this book has some steamy sex scenes there is more than sex going on. The book is about trust. Unfortunately, trust is broken with all the couples in this novel. The trust between the owners of the club and one of the VIP couple is broken when the VIP has their own seedy preying on other members of the club. One couple is dealing with brutal domestic violence situations so trust was never actually an issue with them. Then one couple trust is broken when an emotional affair turns into a physical affair. In the end, One the owners of the club come out ahead of the windfall.

Great book that has more to it than explicit sex scenes. This will appeal to read of street/urban fiction readers. A fast paced read with a satisfying end. And speaking on the ending, it is in the in between. What I mean by that is that the ending is not a completely sad on but is not a happy ending either. The ending does suit the novel though. Recommend this book to add to you tbr spot 2. (1 read right away - 5 get to it whenever and if you don't no biggie)

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