Sunday, June 22, 2014

Author Spotlight: Sybil Bartel

If I Had A Dollar by Sybil Bartel

If I had a dollar for all the times I failed as a writer, I would be rich. I wouldn’t be writing this post because I would be lounging on my yacht with my loaded Kindle and some really hot crew chartering our course to Tropical Happy Awesomeness (yep, that’s a real place).

Alas, sadly, I don’t. So—sigh—no hot crew members for me. But. And it’s a big but, I totally wouldn’t have this—this post I’m writing. Or the near to my heart story that comes out June 23rd. Or the other manuscripts in my cue, or all the amazing people I’ve met along the way.

There are a lot of things I can say about writing, and about how many times you fail before you finally get something right. And I will tell you, I am surprised by all of them. But mostly I am surprised by the people you meet along the way. This isn’t a cut throat business, this isn’t a competitive professional sports team, this isn’t a water cooler gossip fest (well, okay maybe just a little bit of gossip). It’s a world of nice people who genuinely want to help you with any knowledge they can impart.

If I had a dollar for all the less than satisfactory jobs I’ve ever had, it wouldn’t get me that yacht, but it’d buy me a plane ticket to Tropical Happy Awesomeness. (It’s a real place, you know.) And when I got there? I’m pretty sure Tropical Happy Awesomeness would not have as many great people as the world of writing does.

So, I’m glad I don’t have a dollar for all the times I’ve failed at something in my life. I would much rather have the experiences and the friends I’ve met along the way. They say writing is a solitary existence, and it can be. (I so love to live in my own head!) But writing is a gift. A gift I would not appreciate or love as much as I do without all the failed attempts and perseverance. Because when you do finally succeed? And trust me on this, if you persevere you totally will, the victory is oh so sweet. So I will gladly trade all those dollars and that yacht and those hot crew men. You go on ahead to Tropical Happy Awesomeness without me. I’m just gonna stay here and write.