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Book Badger Summer Surge Read-a-thon 2014

Summer Surge Read-a-thon Sign-Ups!

Welcome to the Summer Surge Read-a-thon!

What does Summer mean to you?
Parties? Holidays? Socialising? Sleeping?
How about chipping down that tbr pile you've got with a surge of reading?
That's exactly what the Summer Surge Read-a-thon is for!

Amanda decided to create a read-a-thon for the Summer because that's when schools out and most people take breaks from work, leaving more time to get a tan (for those you do that sort of things) and read the days away. Amanda also thought it'd be a great reason to read if you're behind in any challenges for 2014 and need some encouragement. She will also be hosting this read-a-thon by herself in order to avoid confusion and delays, but she is calling upon some blogger friends who will feature on the blog, where we'll have a natter about Summer, the things we like doing in the break and what we have planned for this Summer.

Read-a-thon Details

1) The read-a-thon will run from 14th July 2014 - 17th August 2014.
2) The sign-up linky will close on the 10th August, so sign up before then.
3) You don't need a blog to participate.
4) Any genre, format or length of book can be read for this read-a-thon. (Novels, Novellas, Anthologies, Extra Material etc.)
5) There will be a international giveaway for up to £15 worth of books from TBD.
6) There will be five read-a-longs you can participate in worth 5 entries each.
7) There will be five challenges you can participate in worth 3-5 entries each.
8) On 18th August, a wrap-up post of the read-a-thon will be posted on Book Badger.
This is where you can leave your wrap-up post links if you have one.


Most read-a-thons have read-a-longs that you can participate in and the Summer Surge Read-a-thon isn't any different. There is one read-a-long a week that you can take part in and at the end of each week, there will be a section in my In Bed With Badger post that will feature my thoughts on the book in question. For each read-a-long you take part in you will receive 5 entries towards the giveaway but you must have read the book during it's coinciding week otherwise points will be deducted. If you've already read any of the books listed below, you can change it for a book written by the same author instead.
The read-a-longs are as follows:

1) 14th July - 20th July: My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick (Goodreads)
2) 21st July - 27th July: The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa (Goodreads)
3) 28th July - 3rd August: Defiance by C.J. Dougherty (Goodreads)
4) 4th August - 10th August: Doll Bones by Holly Black (Goodreads)
5) 11th August - 17th August: This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith (Goodreads)


Whenever I've taken part in read-a-thons, there's always a few challenges to get involved in, so each week of the read-a-thon, there'll be a new challenge. Taking part in a challenge can earn you 3 extra entry points, so they're worth while as well as fun. Blog posts or photos are accepted. You must only use books you've read in 2014 for these challenges unless stated otherwise.
Don't forget, the challenges are just for fun, and aren't compulsory, so don't worry if you can't participate.
There will be a Mr Linky with each challenge post which will enable you to link up your own challenge posts with them.

17th Jul. Spell It Out
Use the first letter of any book read so far this year to spell out a Summer themed word that is 5 letters or more. If the title begins with The, A or An, move into the following word. Letters Q, V, X, Z can be anywhere in the title. For example:
S - Searching for Beautiful
A - And We Stay
N - No and Me
D - Dark Star
A - Ash's Letter
L - Lament
S - Sweet Peril

24th Jul. Twitter Book Recommendation
You must recommend four different books from four different genres, but you can only use 140 characters in which to do so. You can't use character names, major plot points, spoilers of snippets from synopsis, it must be in your own words. For example:
Contemporary Recommendation - Wonder: Wonder is a story of kindness and love, highlighting how positivity can make you beautiful and how one person can affect so many lives.

31st Jul. Spine Poetry
You must create a small poem made entirely of spines of the books you've read in 2014. You may add up to seven words to join the titles together and and each title much be longer than four letters long.

7th Aug. Character Personality
You must choose five characters from books you've read in 2014 that each reflect an area of your personality. They can be male or female, adults or childrens, it really doesn't matter, just as long as part of their character reflects yours. For example:
Caymen Meyers: Quirky Sense of Humour and Wisecracking Sarcasm.

14th Aug. Follow That Title
I will list seven words, and the challenge is to choose one book title with one of the words in it, and then choose a second title with a different word from the first title in it and follow the pattern through 6 books until you finish with a book that has another word from the list in it's title, and also a word from the 5th books title. For example:
Gone With the Wind, Gone Girl, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Dragon Heir, Shadow Heir, Shadow and Bone.

The following list of words are those you can choose from. You must start the challenge with one word and finish it with another and you must only choose 6 books. Because this challenge is much more difficult than the others, you are allowed to choose books you've read in the past 12 months, not just 2014 and it's worth 5 entries, not 3. The list is as follows:  

1) Love(s)
2) Boy(s)
3) Girl(s)
4) Beautiful
5) Dark(ness)(est)
6) Life/Lives
7) You/Me

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