Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Black History Month 2015: Marie Van Brittan Brown


The home security system changed home safety, and the modern home security market owes a great deal of gratitude to Marie Brown. She invented the first closed-circuit home security system. Marie Van Brittan Brown was born in 1922. She grew up in Jamaica, Queens, in New York City, which is also where she and her husband, Albert, came up with the security system in 1966.

Marie Brown's invention revolutionized the home security market. Although it was originally intended for home use only, businesses soon caught on and her invention became even more popular. Her system influenced other inventions that eventually led to the modern home security systems. Marie Brown''s home security system was invented for home owners who were afraid of rising crime rates. It was designed so that an individual could view the surroundings, but from a safe distance. It could be set up anywhere on the property, with whatever angle the owner of the property desired. The invention had four peep holes and a camera that could move and capture images out of each hole when necessary. Captured footage was displayed on a monitor.

Brown even had plans to provide a mechanism where people could unlock their doors with remote controls. Brown''s home security system was fairly large by today's standards. It consisted of a camera of a motorized track, a monitor, a circuit board and several wires. The camera track and circuit took up a great deal of space on the wall it was attached to.

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