Sunday, February 1, 2015

Black History Month or National African American History Month

Hey y'all. Today is the start of Black History Month or National African American History Month also know as Heritage Month. During this month you will see on some television station and across most media platforms the contributions African American has made to the United States and Canada (there are other countries that have their own month to celebrate).

There is always a debate around this time about whether or not there should a Black History because American History is Black History. There are other arguments for and against. I personally don't see the big deal! At least we "black" know that in February our contributions will be talked about. Besides, we have the most known heritage month but it is not the only. March is Irish-American month. June is Gay and Lesbian month. Sept 15th - Oct 15th is Hispanic month. So let's stop the craziness and take these months for what the are meant to do-learn more about each other cultures. Besides if you don't believe in heritage months, there's a simple solutions, don't pay attention to it.

Anyway, this month this blog will celebrate. Valentine's day is also in February so I will be combining themes. Hopefully, you all will enjoy reading the variety of posts I have plan. That's it folks. See ya in the next post and as always Happy Reading!

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