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Book Tour: Hired by Sparkle Watson

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Hired by Spakle Watson
pages 47
format: ebook
rating 2 stars

Hugo Spencer grew up on the wrong side of the tracks until his latest app made him a billionaire. Money has bought him homes, cars, prestige, and power.

Power has allowed him to find the woman who ditched him for a wealthier man.

Camille Clarke’s made some poor decisions in her life. But she’s managed to pull herself up and start her own company, Maid for Service. When she gets a new client with a big contract, she’s ecstatic… until she meets him.

The pauper she left behind’s now a billionaire who can provide business Camille needs. But Hugo’s got one goal on his agenda: Payback.


My Review:
Okayyy. So the summary really sums up what the story is about. Hugo didn't have the ambition that Camille wanted him to have when they were in high school and first year in college. She decides it would be better from them to break up so that she can be with someone who looks better on paper. Unfortunately for her the grass wasn't greener.

Hugo was in love with Camille. He was devastated when she left him. He eventually learned coding and through that came up with a medical app. Now Hugo is rolling in the money and determined to make Camille see what she missed out on. Sounds good right?

Well, Hugo never shows any real vengeance. All he does it bring up the fact that she left for an upgrade. I mean really. He could have at least had a dirty apartment for her to clean. He so easily forgave her and fell back into being together. I mean within like a day. Payback my ass. I mean not against the characters getting back together but he could have at least made her work at winning his heart back. This book was a bit of a let down.

Every once in awhile I come across a book that I just can't recommend. It's not because it's horrible but because it's a bit of a flatline story. Oh also it is a BWWM story but you wouldn't know that as the description of the character never mention a difference.

About the Author:

Sparkle Watson loves writing romances that entertain readers. Every girl wants a happily ever after. She hopes her readers enjoy her stories with a twist
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