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My To Be Read List - Book Review: Spearwood Academy by A.S. Oren

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The Book

Spearwood Academy by A.S. Oren
Avalon Clementine, the first female of her kind, is painfully cursed to turn into her dragon form every night. She has so many questions about who she is and why her parents abandoned her days after she was born. 

It seems as if someone has been listening and she may get a chance to learn about her past, but at what price? Will the all boys school of Spearwood Academy really help her? Will she even survive the first week? 

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My Review
The Review
I didn't pay that close of attention to the cover. I noticed the cover after all that's why I downloaded the book actually. I didn't notice the dragons until I went to start reading. Knowing me, I probably assumed they were leaves on the apple. Anyways...

This is book 1. Why is it that a lot of authors make the first book an introductory book. Even if a book is part of a series it should still be it's own book. No really, it should. In this book, we are basically introduced to the main characters. It also established the type of world the story will take place in for the rest of the series.

The only thing we learn in this book is that there is a rich boarding school of dragon shapeshifters, Avvi is rare because there aren't any female dragon shifters, Avvi transformation is not the norm in terms of how she shifts, and Avvi is a Harry Potter fan. The books leaves a lot of questions to be answered in the next book. 

I don't like cliffhangers but I can tolerate them. The thing with a book with a cliffhanger is that the book should be good enough to make the reader want to read the next one. I may read the next book at some point but if I don't get around to it I doubt I'll notice. I felt no connection to the characters and was only mildly interested in the story. It left me feeling like 'eh'. So this was a miss for me but if you have read it leave your thoughts and/or links to your review in the comment section. Til next time...Happy Reading!

Rating: ★★ 

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  1. Sorry you did not like the book! I don't think I would have noticed the dragons on the apple had you not said something. Hope next month's book is better!

  2. Sorry this didn't work for you and I 100% agree a Cliffhanger should only be made if the book is worth continuing. Hope we can pick better for you next month :)

  3. This is why I love this meme. Even if I dont like the book at least I got it off the tbr