Thursday, August 6, 2015

Where am I?

I know those of you who care are wondering where the book reviews are. There is a lot of content on the blog. Most of the content has been book blitzes. The blitzes are post because quite frankly I like being able to give content on the regular but also I like able to host giveaways for y'all.

So where are the book reviews? They are coming. I am focusing on October right now. The goal is to have a personal book review at least twice a week for the month not including blog tours. The big goal is to do the same with each month from October forward. So I do have a couple of Valentine (February) reads already schedule as well as Christmas and even a few for next June which I consider the wedding month. So I am working on this blog people. Doing this will keep blog from being the stressful chore and remaining to be this fun experience I get to share.

Soooo...that's the lull. There will be book reviews posted before October of course. I have a couple to be posted this month and in September. I only mean that October is my main focus. Okay, enough rambling. Later and Happy Reading!

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