Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Challenge Corner: Mega-Madness June

Part 1
One of our challenges for Mega-Madness June will be a page count challenge. For this challenge, the goal is to read as many pages as possible during the month. At the end of the month, we will award the person with the highest page count and a random winner.
If you'd like to participate, please comment below.
1. Books must be read and reviewed between June 1 and June 30 to count.
2. Books must have a review or at least five status updates to count.
3. Short stories of 50 pages or longer can be submitted.
4. Novellas over 50 pages will count.
5. No cookbooks.
6. Graphic novels, poetry books, and books written in verse will count for ¼ of the pages listed. That is, if a poetry/graphic novel has 200 pages, it will only count for 50.
7. Children's and MG books need at least 120 pages to count.
8. You may use the highest number of pages listed on Goodreads. That means that if your edition has 305 pages and you find an edition on here with 460 pages you can use that edition.
1. We will only be counting pages this month.

Part 2
Mega-Movie Challenge!

There are three levels to this challenge.

Level One: Covers: The item listed must appear on the cover of the book you wish to use for this level.

Level Two: Genre/Category: Books read for this level must fit the genre/category listed.

Level Three: Description: Books read for this level must fit the description listed.


*Books must be read from June 1st to 30th

*Books must be at least 100 pages to count

*No graphic novels or books of poetry will be counted

*Books can only be used for one description and one level


*One point for every category completed (each category can only be completed once, unless you complete all the levels and start again)

*One point for every buddy read that takes place within our group (must have five comments on the buddy thread in order to be counted)

*Five points for completing Level One

*Ten points for completing Level Two

*Fifteen points for completing Level Three

*Twenty points for completing all three levels

The Movies


Level One: A ship/boat

Level Two: Romance

Level Three: A book about the Titanic


Level One: Game board/game pieces

Level Two: Dystopia involving gaming

Level Three: Book set in a jungle

A Beautiful Mind

Level One: Math symbols/Numbers
Solving for Ex

Level Two: Deals with mental disorder

Level Three: Non Fiction

Groundhog Day

Level One: Clock

Level Two: Involves television/news show

Level Three: Repeated day story

Finding Nemo

Level One: Orange and white

Level Two: Mystery Novel

Level Three: Missing person story

Spirited Away

Level One: Fantasy element/object/creature

Level Two: Fantasy novel

Level Three: A book with dragons


Level One: Frightening/Unnerving

Level Two: Horror novel

Level Three: Mystery/Horror/Crime book set in New England

West Side Story

Level One: Cityscape

Level Two: Modern interpretation of a classic

Level Three: Modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet

Back to the Future

Level One: Car

Level Two: Time Travel

Level Three: Book published in the ‘80s

That Thing You Do

Level One: Band/Musical Instrument

Level Two: Related to music

Level Three: About musician/band

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