Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Challenge Corner Trivia and Instagram Challenges

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This challenge is all about book related trivia! Each day during the month of June we will be posting a new set of trivia questions that you will answer (by message to Courtney). There will be three different challenges, all wrapped in one!

My guesses are the square bullet points

Guess the Author
For this portion of the challenge there will be three things posted about the author you are searching for. Authors can be from any genre/category, so it might be tough.
***3 Points will be awarded for each author guessed correctly, and 2 Points if you require a hint.***
  • Day 1
    • 1) Has been referred to as the young adult Nicholas Sparks
    • 2) Has a youtube channel with brother
    • 3) Was born in Indiana
  • Day 2
    • 1) Indie writer of YA equestrian fiction
    • 2) Is a librarian in Ohio
    • 3) Released first book in 2015 
        • 3pts
  • Day 3
    • 1) Was born in 1776
    • 2) Completed six full length novels
    • 3) All novels have been adapted for a visual interpretation 
      • Jane Porter (first guess)
      • Jane Austen (birth year threw me)
        •  2pts
  • Day 4
    • 1) Author of adult horror novels
    • 2) Many stories set in home state of Maine
    • 3) Has written over 50 books 
      • Stephen King (but I forget to submit guesses for this day) 
        • 0pts
  • Day 5
    • 1) Wrote a series of vampire novels
    • 2) Novels have been translated into at least 37 languages
    • 3) Is also a film producer 
  •  Day 6
    • 1) Had a best selling children's series before publishing a major YA series
    • 2) Worked writing television for Nickelodeon at one time
    • 3) Adapted own novel for the screen
  • Day 7
    •  1) Writer of adult and YA fantasy
    • 2) Completed the Wheel of Time
    • 3) Served a mission in Korea for the LDS church
Total Points:11
Cover Scavenger Hunt
This challenge is about finding various objects on covers.
***3 Points awarded for every YA cover with required item, 2 Points for every non-YA cover***
Total Points:10

Guess the Book
For this challenge, you will guess a book based on three "hints."
***3 Points awarded for every correct title, 2 Points awarded if you require a "hint" from a moderator.
Total Points: 9
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