Friday, May 13, 2016

WRI Reviews: Ratchet Wives Club by Chanel Q


Ratchet Wives Club  by Chanel Q
Publisher: Self Published
Source: Amazon
Format: mobi
Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆

Wives of DC's biggest ballers.
Each hiding a dark secret...
They're all RATCHET.

Has everything a woman could dream of.
Certified bad bitch with a sexy husband, adorable daughter, money making law career...
And an addiction to coke.
Michaela's little sister. Just quit being a video model, owes her ex thousands and trying to get back on the pole to earn money.
Her future looks grim.
Bitter about her pending divorce from NBA baller husband Cairo.
Nothing like her husband's cousin to take the edge off...
Has a demanding job, an absent husband and twin toddlers. Now her father wants to borrow money.
But there'll be a steep price to pay.

The Ratchet Wives Club is your new favorite soap opera in book format.


My Review
Drama, drama, and more drama. This has the typical urban/street lit style of writing. All the female characters are conceited and let the reader know that they are beautiful and that they know they are beautiful and that other characters in the books know they are beautiful. Also it has the normal each character looks like a famous celebrity thing going on. This is the cliche that most (and by most I'm thinking 99.9%) use. So you have to look pass those things if you are going to read anything from the urban/street lit genre.

So basically there are four women whose lives are intertwined. Maya is an ex-stripper and you would think that she would be the most ratchet one but I actually found her to be the most likable. Tisai was all kinds of ratchet. Ain't saying she's a gold digga but she ain't messing with no broke...y'all get the point. Priscilla wasn't exactly ratchet as she just got caught in her daddy's mess. And then there's, Michaela. Uppity as the the rest of the chicks but more so because of the shit she has gotten herself into. All I'm going to say is that she sitting up in front of everyone face like Whitney Houston meanwhile she's Uncle Al's road dawg.

All things seems to come to a head at a party that everyone is attending but of course that is where the story ends. I'm not sure but I'm think that the chick from BET may have already added camera's to the venue and everything got recorded. A few typos but entertaining. A good read for fans of this genre.

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