Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Challenge Corners Mega-Madness June Movie Challenge

Mega-Movie Challenge!

There are three levels to this challenge.

Level One: Covers: The item listed must appear on the cover of the book you wish to use for this level.

Level Two: Genre/Category: Books read for this level must fit the genre/category listed.

Level Three: Description: Books read for this level must fit the description listed.

**You can earn a bonus point if you include a book from Courtney's shelf, found here: here. (Any book in the favorites shelf that is part of a series will count.**


*Books must be read from June 1st to 30th

*Books must be at least 100 pages to count

*No graphic novels or books of poetry will be counted

*Books can only be used for one description and one level


*One point for every category completed (each category can only be completed once, unless you complete all the levels and start again)

*One point for every buddy read that takes place within our group (must have five comments on the buddy thread in order to be counted)

*Five points for completing Level One

*Ten points for completing Level Two

*Fifteen points for completing Level Three

*Twenty points for completing all three levels

My planned reads are in red
The Movies


Level One: A ship/boat

Level Two: Romance

Level Three: A book about the Titanic


Level One: Game board/game pieces

Level Two: Dystopia involving gaming

Level Three: Book set in a jungle

A Beautiful Mind

Level One: Math symbols/Numbers
Solving for Ex by LeighAnn Kopans

Level Two: Deals with mental disorder
The Other Place by Elizabeth Roderick

Level Three: Non Fiction

Groundhog Day

Level One: Clock

Level Two: Involves television/news show

Level Three: Repeated day story

Finding Nemo

Level One: Orange and white

Level Two: Mystery Novel

Level Three: Missing person story

Spirited Away

Level One: Fantasy element/object/creature

Level Two: Fantasy novel

Level Three: A book with dragons


Level One: Frightening/Unnerving

Level Two: Horror novel

Level Three: Mystery/Horror/Crime book set in New England

West Side Story

Level One: Cityscape

Level Two: Modern interpretation of a classic

Level Three: Modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet

Back to the Future

Level One: Car

Level Two: Time Travel

Level Three: Book published in the ‘80s

That Thing You Do

Level One: Band/Musical Instrument

Level Two: Related to music

Level Three: About musician/band

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