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Blog Tour: How To Be Cool by Annie Carr

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How To Be Cool by Annie Carr  
Pages: 194
Publisher: Cascade Press
Source: YA Bound Book Tours
Format: ePub

Ethan will never be as cool as his twin brother Alex. Alex is a star football player and president of the senior class, while Ethan was born with cerebral palsy and needs crutches to walk.

Laura will never be as cool as her perfect older sister Nikki. Nikki is everything Laura isn't—confident and gorgeous… until one night when Nikki is brutally raped and hospitalized, and Laura finds comfort in her new friend Ethan.

Together, Ethan and Laura realize maybe you don't need to be cool to be happy. Or to fall in love.

And then a revelation about the attack shatters everything…

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My Review
This is a mix review. I wasn't feeling this book for most of the beginning. The characters were all whiny. Sure Ethan had a valid reason but the others...not so much. I found Laura and Ethan to be total pushovers. They complained about how their siblings treated them but knew it was because they were pushovers. If you cant stand up for yourself, you either need to learn how to or stop complaining about it. Also there were some things that she had them say that not only teens wouldn't say but no one would say in regular everyday conversation, like laptop computer. I mean at this point in time if you just say laptop everyone pretty much assume you are talking about a computer.

The relationship between Ethan and Laura was the best part of the book. I may not have continued reading had it not been for their relationship. What happen to Laura sister as kept me interesting since I also wanted to know how it would affect their relationship.

How to be cool? Neither main character tried to be cool. It was a secondary character that brought it up & it wasn't even enough to be considered a subplot. There some things that were left unanswered and/or unexplored. Those things could've added extra depth to the story.

This book left me feeling *sigh* *shrug shoulders* *walks away*

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