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The Reader by M.K. Harkins

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The Reader by M.K. Harkins
Pages: 231
Publisher: Self Published
Source: YA Bound Book Tours
Format: ePub
Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆

Hunted, shot, and without her memory, eighteen-year-old Ann Baker wakes in shallow water on a deserted Pacific Northwest island. She is soon approached by two young men claiming to be her friends. Something isn’t right, but when gunshots sound, Ann is left with little choice but to allow Devon and Archer to help her escape. Soon she finds herself in their North Bend mountain compound, where the higher evolved humans claim to be mind-readers. While Ann heals, she realizes they believe her to be one of the last and most powerful of all – The Lost One.

She’s welcomed by most with opened arms, but not everyone is happy about her arrival. A jealous adversary has plans for Ann, which spirals the entire Reader community into chaos.

As lies, murder, and betrayal threaten to rip apart the once harmonious mountain dwellers, Ann is thrust into making a decision that could save or devastate not only The Readers, but all of mankind. But there’s just one glitch: by doing so it may require her to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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My Review
Didn't expect to like it as much as I did. So the story starts off with Ann being hurt on a beach. Two guys find her, patch her up, and take her with them. She doesn't know if she should trust them, there's people shooting at them and if that isn't enough she has lost her memory. She's taken to a compound is told about this whole different "world". Not like out of space world but just things that she didn't know and would take time for anyone to absorb if they hadn't grown up with the knowledge.

In the book, Ann finds out that everyone believes she is the key to winning the war that is to come. Unfortunately, no one including her can't know her full potential until she recovers her memory. It is also a story about not judging someone on looks alone. I won't spoil what I mean by that for you though. You'll have to read it to find out. I liked the story overall. Ann was whiny at times and definitively insecure and impulsive. I gave her a pass on account of her memory lost. The ending is good and though it ends on a cliffhanger it resolved enough to be satisfied. Recommend for paranormal fans. Oh did I mention that there is a soul mate concept in this but it isn't exactly instalove. What?! I know right!

About the Author
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