Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Goodreads' The Lost Challenge - August Challenges

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Summer BINGO

B1: Sun
B2: Sea
B3: Flip Flops/Sandals
B4: Camp
B5: Travel/Vacation

I1: Surf
I2: Beach
I3: Tennis
I4: Hot
I5: Ice Cream

N1: Barbecue
N2: 4th of July
N4: Cocktail
N5: Bikini/Swimsuit

G1: Hat
G2: Baseball
G3: Picnic
G4: Bugs
G5: Pool

O1: Strawberry
O2: Shorts
O3: Island
O4: Sunglasses
O5: Deckchair

Clean It Out
1. Set your 'my books' page to sort by date added (oldest to newest). Read one book from the first 20 books. 

2. Read one book from a series you have started and not finished. 

3. Read one book that you bought but have not yet read.

4. Read one book that will help with a difficult challenge. (Like an A-Z challenge that needs Q, U, & X still)

5. Read one free book from your e-reader. (If you do not have an e-reader, read a book that has been on your TBR for more than a year). 

Judge A Book
Conceited read 5-6 books

Scavenger Hunt
Word List

1. Airport
2. Baggage
3. Boat
4. Booking
5. Break
6. Camera
7. Cruise
8. Currency
9. Customs
10. Destination
11. Explore
12. Flight
13. Foreign
14. Guide
15. Holiday
16. Hotel
17. Island
18. Journey
19. Landmark
20. Leisure
21. Luggage
22. Map
23. Motel
24. Pack
25. Passport
26. Photograph
27. Plane
28. Pool
29. Postcard
30. Relax
31. Reservation
32. Resort
33. Safari
34. Ship
35. Souvenir
36. Station
37. Suitcase
38. Sunbathe
39. Ticket
40. Tour
41. Tourist
42. Train
43. Translate
44. Transport
45. Travel
46. Trip
47. Trunk
48. Vacation
49. Visa
50. Voyage

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