Tuesday, August 22, 2017

WRI Top Five Tuesday - Back To School

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"wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure' Rowena Ravenclaw
Top Ten Books - Back To School

I wanted to add this one because of what it can teach us about a society that seeks to hold it citizens down, a society where the only thing anyone has time to think about is survival.

Though I haven't read this book, I have seen the movie. As a reader I know that the book is usually better. If that stays true then this book would be a great addition to the reading list. I think that one day it may actually make it.

A book that has seen its share of bans. I haven't read this book yet but it is at the top of my tbr list. It makes this list because I think that it is important to see what could happen if we allow to let our rights (in this case women's rights) slip or get voted away.

If you have visited this blog before then you knew that this was coming. For those who focus on the witchcraft in the book then I understand (I'm not going to get into your religious views) however if you removed the witchcraft from the equation you still get a great story. The base story is why the series is on the list. It's good versus evil. It's about a person so consumed with self-hate that the only way to be important is to rule over others. The various themes in the series go beyond wands and spells.

This is probably the one book that will never make any high school book list. A critique of what the history books have chosen to leave out, the possible reason of why things were left out, and the results of what has happen to American society because of the one-sidedness of these history books. It is eye opening and make sense if you read it without taking personal (ancestral) offense to what is being examined.

So there you have it. Which books would you choose?

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  1. Hungergames and Harry Potter are always welcome!!
    The kids in my classroom are trying so hard to get better with reading so they're able to read the Harry Potter books, which are in the advanced-reading section in our school library :)

    1. I love the Harry Potter series. There is so much in it. You can read it several times and still find something that you hadn't noticed before. For example, it took my second time reading it before it dawned on me why it is called a snitch...duh! lol