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Pages for Pounds

Pages for Pounds

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Is your TBR overflowing off your shelves? Have you vowed not to buy any books until you read the ones you already own? Did you just receive a lot of books over the holidays? Or maybe, like me, you just have page after page after page of books on your shelfari "Plans to Read" list. If you consider your TBR pile or list to be "overweight" this challenge is for you!*

Pages for Pounds is a fairly basic challenge.
It's quite simple:
1. Take the books on your TBR list
2. Read them
3. Weigh the book using a kitchen scale or go to and check the shipping weight.
4. Twice a month report the amount of weight you've read
5. At the end of the challenge see how much weight you've taken off your TBR pile!

See? Fairly simple.You don't need to sign up for this challenge. You may join at any time.
Pages for Pounds officially starts on January 1, 2009 and will end on February 28, 2009.

The official winner is the member of The Challenged Reader who has lost the most weight during the challenge. Even if you aren't declared the winner you're still a winner to have tackled some weight from your TBR!
Throughout the challenge there may be occasional opportunities to lose some extra weight. I won't tell you how just yet, but you'll find out when these opportunities arise.

There will be check-ins twice a month to report your progress and for the admins. to tally up the pounds. Only report the books that are finished. If you're still reading a book save it until the next check-in. All books count. There isn't any specific criteria just read what you want to read and what's already on your TBR (or any new books you can't possible refrain from adding to your TBR). Since you don't need to sign up for this challenge whenever you join just post your results at the next check-in.

Please report the weight of the actual edition you read. If you read a hardback you can report the weight of the hardpack. If it's a paperback, or mass market edition report the weight of those particular books. Audiobooks count as well. For audiobooks the weight is the weight of the audiobook itself. You can weight the audiobook in the case or use During the check-ins post if it was a hardback, paperback, mass market, audiobook, or electronic reader edition.

There won't be any prizes given to the winner, but you will receive bragging rights and if you have a blog or a webpage a special graphic to show off your dedication to reducing your TBR.
Any questions? Feel free to let us know!

* Even if you don't consider your shelf or list to be overweight and, unlike a lot of us, are able to refrain from buying books that consume all your space, you may still participate in all the fun. =P

Okay, for books read on Kindle, or any other electronic reader, we decided to use the mass market paperback edition (or if it's only available in regular paperback, then that one). We decided that since both electronic readers and mass markets are easily carried around those would count the same.

Books with weight
Shopaholic & Sister 3.5 ounces
The Boss's Christmas Baby 0.8 ounces

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