Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wedding Belles by Haywood Smith

Wedding Belles
by Haywood Smith
rating 3.5 stars
from back cover:
Georgia, Linda, Diane, Teeny, and Pru have been best friends since high school, and never have they needed one another more. Georgia’s precious twenty-eight-year-old daughter, Callie, has gone and gotten engaged. Usually this would be cause for celebration. After all, this is the South, where dreams of white dresses and wedding bells are as important as finding the perfect hat. But Callie’s intended groom just happens to be a man they went to high school and college with: Wild Man Wade! These women know more about the groom than the bride does. His drunken shenanigans. His wild oats. And all of his conquests as well as his mistakes. They can imagine him in the most inappropriate of circumstances, but not as a son-in-law!
With absolutely hilarious Southern observances and dead-on wit about mothers, daughters, marriage, and families, Wedding Belles will have you laughing and crying whether you live above or below the Mason-Dixon line
My Review
Georgia has been told by her daughter that she plans to marry 60 year old Wade. Wade is Callie's father best friend. Needless to say, Georgia is none to happy about this. She tries to think of ways to make this wedding not happen. Wade is a recovering alocholic and is just not the type of man she imagine her daughter to be with.
Against the advice of her friends she gets someone to delve into Wade's background. Or rather she asks her friend to find someone for her. She justifies this action thinking that its her job as a mother to find out if Wade has any skeltons in his closet. Eventually Callie finds the file and completely blows up at the mother. Stating that she no longer had a mother and that she did not want her attending any of the engagement parties or the wedding.
At the suggestion of her husband Georgia attends the next event. And though Callie is still giving her the cold shoulder, she agreed mostly because Wade asked her to, to let her be apart of the events but that it didn't mean that there relationship has changed, Georgia is still disowned as her mother.
Finally on the day of the wedding mother and daughter make a mend. The truth about Wade and all the questionable things in his past are pieced together.
The highlights of this book for me were the parts that included the Red Hat Club meetings, especially the jokes.

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