Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama

Dreams from My Father

by Barack Obama
Audio Book 6 cds

3 stars

U.S. Presidents Reading Project/Hogwarts Reading Challenge/Monthly Mixer Mele

This is a candid look in to the life of American President Barack Obama. Many of the events that lead up to the man that he has become is explained. He also talks quite a bit about his struggles to find himself. Not just the regular coming of age struggles or the regular struggles to fit in but also the struggle to find where he belongs bi-racially.

The audio book is read by President Obama. He does quite a good job. Even "acting" out some of the scenes. I am not a person who normally read non-fiction. I think those who enjoy biographies and memoirs would enjoyed the book as well. Good job Mr. President. (said a Marilyn Monroe sing song voice...scandal!)

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