Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tears of the Moon by Nora Roberts

Tears of the Moon by Nora Roberts 346pgs 03/12/2010
Hogwarts Reading Challenge, March Book-of-the-Month, Ireland Challenge 2010, Monthly Mixer Mele

Shawn Gallagher is the middle child. He is the dreamer of the brood. He is also the cook of the pub and play the piano beautifully. Mary Brenna O'Toole is the eldest child and the least girlie of the crew. She works as along side her father fix up the town. Brenna has also had a yen for Shawn but refused to act on it because she thought she was not his type. She was not pretty enough she thought. She decides that she must let him not how she feels and blurts it out. Shawn after a bit of pondering falls in love with her.

I found this book a better read than the first. There was conflict and they did struggle with the relationship at first but at least they worked through it. In the first book the union was painfully slow. Prince Carrick and Lady Gwen got their 2 couples together and only has one more to go before they can be together at last.

***Note it is obvious that the sister Darcy will get together with Magee, the guy that is going to open the new theater in town or someone from his company. Am I right? We shall see.

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