Thursday, March 25, 2010

Led Astray by Sandra Brown

Led Astray by Sandra Brown
3 stars
Hogwarts Reading Challenge, Chick Porn Reading Challenge 2010, Monthly Mixer Mele

Jenny Fletcher was taken in by the Hendren's after her family was killed in a house fire. The Hendren's are a very religious family. Hal the youngest son is the favorite. He has always been the easiest child to get along with. He always did the right thing. Cage the oldest was more difficult to get along with and became the black sheep of the family.

Hal decided to go on humanitarian trip to help smuggle out refugees. Jenny in an effort to try to keep Hal from going offers herself to him. Hal refuses and leaves the room. Hearing Jenny cries Cage enters the room thinking only to comfort but ends up doing the job Hal would not. In the darken room and under the influence of sleeping pills Jenny thinks her first time was with her love Hal.

The story becomes more steamy and complicated. Death, lies, deceit, pregnancy, and love. Like most romance novels I got frustrated. I hate how the character wait forever to just say I love you, it was me or what ever the case may be.

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