Wednesday, June 27, 2012

All About You Reading Challenge

  from Goodreads
Because this is challenge is all about you, you can choose the order, you can trade out one monthly challenge for one you create, or you can substitute the sign or gem you wish you had for the one that is yours. Just let this challenge reflect the uniqueness of you, because this challenge is, after all, All About You.

Month 1: Read your Birthday Month (Spell it out challenge)
Month 2: Read your Birthstone (Spell it out challenge) or read 3 or 4 books with covers that match the color of your birthstone or 3 or 4 books with the name of your Birthstone in the title

Month 3: Read your sign (Spell it out challenge)
Month 4: Read your Chinese zodiac sign (Spell it out challenge)
Read your favorite flower (Spell it out challenge) or read 3 or 4 books with your favorite flower on the cover
Month 5: Read 3 or 4 books set in a country you'd like to visit
Month 6: Read 3 or 4 books from your favorite genre
Month 7: Read 3 or 4 books with your child or a friend
Month 8: Read 3 or 4 books written by some of your favorite authors
Month 9: Set yourself a personal goal to exceed the amount of books you normally read in a month
Month 10: Read one of your favorite foods (Spell it out challenge)
Month 11: Read 3 or 4 books by authors you've never read before, but have been meaning to
Octavia E. Butler - Wild Seed (actually wanted to read Kindred)
Month 12: Read your favorite Book Crush's name

P.S. If you want a specific part of the challenge to last longer than a month or shorter it's up to you. You decide. No pressure. It's just for fun. :)

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