Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich

hardcover pgs.166
rating 4stars

Plum Lucky is a between-the-numbers book.  These books could be considered part of the Plum series or a series on their own. It would be book 14 in the Plum series (if listed in order) and book 3 in the between-the-number series.

Stephanie is driving with Lula when they spot Grandma Mazur with a duffel bag fighting a little person who resembles a leprechaun. In the morning, hottie Diesel shows up at Stephanie’s looking for a place to crash while he looking for a skip. While Stephanie is contemplate what she is going to do with Diesel her mother calls to enlist her to find Grandma Mazur.

On a hunch, Stephanie figures grandma went to Atlantic City to spend a little of her Social Security check. She stops at the bonds office to inform them of where she is about to go so of course Lula and Connie come along.

Sure enough, Grandma Mazur is at Daffy Casino in Atlantic City. Only she is not spending money for her Social Security check but money from the duffel bag. That’s right. The duffel bag was filled with money and, since this is a Stephanie Plum book, trouble.’

With a cast of characters that include Stephanie, Lula, Connie, Grandma Mazur, Diesel, mobster Lou Delvina, Snuggy (the lucky unlucky leprechaun), and Doug the horse Plum Lucky doesn’t crap out.

*rating factors - fun, fast paced, and short pages. One to two day read

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