Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reaper by Rachel Vincent

Reaper (Soul Screamers, #3.5)
By Rachel Vincent
enovella pgs. 64
Series: Soul Screamers Book: 3.5
Rating: 3 (2.8)

From Goodreads:
Tod Hudson was a typical teenager. He liked girls, sports, food and tolerated his younger brother, Nash. In fact, he had his whole life in front of him--and due to his bean sidhe heritage, it was going to be a very long life indeed. And then the car accident occurred.
Suddenly Tod's future wasn't so sure, and he had to make a choice. Life... Death... or something Between....
An ebook exclusive Soul Screamers series novella.

My Review: 
I had not heard of this series prior to downloading it from my local library. I was in the mood for a quick read and this fit the category. This book is not meant to be a stand alone obviously but I found that it could have been.  The novella is about how and why Tod became reaper. I can not go into any more details than that without giving something away since it is a short story. I going to go back to book one at some point for sure. TBR 2 

A question to ask yourself when you read it:
Did Tod make the right choice?
I’m not sure that he did. It was out of grief and guilt. Plus I don’t think he wanted to be the one to face his mom and get blamed.
Beware: the word creep used alot! 

Plot:3  Character:3  Writing: 2  Other:3  Overall Feel:3


  1. I really enjoyed Reaper. It explains a lot about Tod and makes him a much more sympathetic character in regards to the series as a whole. I hope you try the rest of the books! ;-)

  2. I will try the other books. I'm glad I checked this one out.