Friday, October 26, 2012

Freestyle Friday 1 - Harry Potter Questions


Harry Potter Questions from Alison Can Read

  1. Dumbledore did, in a way, raise Harry up like a pig for slaughter. But in the end, how much do you think Dumbledore cared about Harry?

    I think that Dumbledore cared for Harry from the beginning. He were fond of Harry’s parents. First has students and then as members of the Order of the Phoenix. He did not use Harry. He heard the prophecy that Professor Trelawney made and knew that Harry would have to face off with Voldemort. Therefore, he had no choice but to prepare Harry for the battle.

2. How do you think Snape truly felt about Dumbledore - and vice versa?


I think that Snape revered Dumbledore afterall he was the one wizard that Voldemort feared. He was comfortable with Dumbledore to speak frankly with him because of the secret they had together.

3. What parts of the series make you cry?

None. This wasn’t that type of book for me. I have to say that there aren’t many books or movies, for that matter, that can make a tear fall from my eyes.

4. Whose death do you think was the saddest?

I wasn’t expecting Fred to die though it was leaked that a couple of main characters would die during the series. The saddest death for me was Dobby. He was so kind, loyal and optimistic. And to be honest, he’s one of the bravest characters because it went against all the traits and expectations of he species to warn Harry in his first appearance in the series.

5. If Voldemort hadn't killed Snape when he did, how do you think that Snape could have gotten Harry to learn his story?

There was any other way to convey that message to Harry. He would not have reveal that information otherwise. Unless Dumbledore to his memory with by force or unbeknownst to Snape.

We could say occlumency but Snape shut that down.

6. Do you think Snape would have been happy that Harry named a son after him?

I think he would have though he wouldn’t have shown it. Assuming that he revealed his memories to Harry, I think he would have known that Harry did not name his son after Snape because of how Harry felt about he but because of how Snape felt about Harry’s mother.


I will be re-reading this series again and again. I just can’t get enough. Thanks to Alison Can Read for these great questions. Click the link to check out this post and her answers.

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