Saturday, October 20, 2012

Shoot the Breez #4


Rants Disguised As Fiction

I came across this topic on Ensconced in YA. I understand what she means by actual rants disguised as fiction. You know, those books where the characters go on and on about a particular subject that you know that the author is trying to get something off his or her chest. With that said, I think that most dystopian novels are an author point of view of what will happen if a certain "something" gets out of hand. The author's warning of hey we better pay attention or this will happen. Let's look at some examples of what I mean.

The movie The Matix. The warning is our dependence on machines will be our downfall. Also the premise for I Robot, and the Terminator movies.

Matched Trilogy. The warning is creating a perfect society where everyone (well those the society leader see fit to include) is happy and taken care of create a society that has lost its freedom.

Jennifer Government (loved this book!). The warning is an all capitalist society will do anything for money and those without money might as well don't exist. A review on this book is coming soon so you can see just what I mean. Many people see the world in this book as far fetched. I see it as an all too real possibility, again see my review.

I love reading these types of books. Ensconced in YA is right though. It is a tedious read if the book just drones on and on in a non stop rant narrative sprouting out the authors propaganda. Hey, we are readers, we want to read your take on what would happen to the world but we bought a book of fiction not an essay so give us a story to follow along with.

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