Friday, October 12, 2012

The Initiate by Megg Jensen

The Initiate (Cloud Prophet Trilogy, #0.5)

From Kobobooks:

Before Anathema...

Before Sleepers...

There was The Initiate

Over a thousand years ago, the gods left Eloh's people and took their magic with them. To win back their favor, her people sacrifice ten female initiates every ten years. No has ever survived. There has never been a Chosen One.

Forced into becoming an initiate, Eloh will try to find a way to beat the odds, stay with her boyfriend, and survive the fires that threaten to consume her. But will her lack of faith in the gods and her disbelief in their magic doom her to a painful death?

The Initiate is a novelette that bridges the bestselling Cloud Prophet Trilogy (Anathema, Oubliette, and Severed) and The Swarm Trilogy (Sleepers, and two more novels coming in 2012).

The Song of Eloh Saga:

The Initiate, Book 1 - a novelette bridging the Cloud Prophet Trilogy and The Swarm Trilogy

Cloud Prophet Trilogy:
Anathema, Book 2
Oubliette, Book 3
Severed, Book 4

The Swarm Trilogy:
Sleepers, Book 5
Afterlife, Book 6
The Sundering, Book 7 (coming fall 2012)

My Review:
This book does what it is supposed to do. It got me interested in reading the two series or at least the first one in the Cloud Prophet Trilogy. Not having read any of the books I had to ask myself a couple of questions while reading this. Was Eloh beaten by her parents and why? Are the people of this world only desire two children? Is the only reason her parents did not want her is simply because she is another mouth to feed?

In this short story Eloh is being prepared to go to a sacrifice ceremony. Each town choose to girls in hopes that the gods will chose one thus they (the Gods) will return and bring back magic. Eloh has never believed in the gods so she knows that she is getting all dolled up to die by fire. But she is wrong. The gods do exist but has never chosen a girl because the ceremony is not right and the time is not right. Eloh is the chosen one. There is a catch however, she did not believe in the gods. So she will have all that she ever wanted but a a punishment she will not have the time to enjoy it.

If you are in a reading funk and need a quick read to jump start this definitely consider this. It will keep your attention until the end and short enough to read with a couple of hours or one day at the most.

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